The Side effect of having two abortion in a year?

The Side effect of having two abortion in a year?

The Side effect of having two abortion in a year?


There can be some long term effects when you have any abortion to your uterus. Could cause problems in the future if you do decide to keep your baby. Have you considered adoption? There are many agencies that will help you with prenatal care, and also placing your child in a home where a couple is anxiously waiting for such a precious gift. My suggestion is to explore all of your options, and most importantly, when the time is right again, get on good birth control.


Wow. I am sad to see all these women slamming you. While I do agree that you should get on the pill or use a condom and soon, after two unplanned pregnancies, my heart does go out to you. There isn't really much known about the long-term effects of an abortion. Some people will tell you it leads to breast cancer but do not buy into that. This is not true. Most of it is just emotional well-being stuff (feeling sad, guilty,depressed) but you will also feel relieved. The only thing I researched was that in a future pregnancy, you could have a pre-term baby (baby arrives before due date) and maybe some changes to your cervix. But many women have had abortions (1 in every 3 American women have done it) and later had perfectly healthy labors and children. Marilyn Monroe had TWELVE!!! Evenstill, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and do wish you the best. Look into getting some contraception for yourself. God bless and Merry Christmas!


I have 3 children to my ex, after my ex i got with another partner, it was all great at first i fell pregnant to him, he then turned to drugs he stole of me & my children, put my windows through, smashed up the house & broke my jaw. It was a hard decision for me to make but i felt i had to have a termination as i did not want this idiot anyway near me & my children. If i had gone through the pregnancy i would of sure had him hanging around me. Sometimes in life we have hard decisions to make, some people may think there wrong but only you know what is best for you. Dont get me wrong i never agreed with it but i definitley had to do it for the safety of my 3 children & myself. I was extremely upset afterwards and also got and infection which put me in hospital for 2 weeks as i Heamoraged. You need to think carefully about your decision. If the only reason you are terminating is to financial difficulties, well you can get plenty of help with money to buy things for baby and even after baby is born you will still get help, even if its from friends & family or from the goverment. Think Carefully about it to make sure it is the right decision. Mine was definitley right, but if it wasnt for my circumstances at the time i would of definitley of kept the baby.


Considering there is about 500 birth control options out there and you are still getting pregnant kind of shows that the side effects of abortion for you are that they are causing "extreme stupidity". Here's a clue - get on birth control and then you won't feel the need to kill helpless babies.


No side effects unless you went to a really bad doctor. They are safe procedures but should not be used as birth control. Go get the pill and stop being so irresponsible.


I think its time you get on birth control..Grrr how irresponsible you are..2 abortions in a year? i am not totally against abortions but in your case i am...Start doing something to prevent unwanted pregancies,besides having abortions!


Can cause infertility, not to mention the possibility of emotional problems (guilt)if not now maybe later. I would'nt be telling too many people either, i can't imagine they'd approve,once they would accept due to your situation,but twice, thats telling them how irresponsible you have been.


Besides emotional problems and a repuation of being a whore? I'm not sure. I bet condoms and birth control are cheaper than repeated abortions though. And abstinence is free. If you're not ready for it, act a little more responsibly please.


im not completely against abortions, for the right reasons, serious birth defects, rape, ect, but if your not finacially ready for a baby, stop having sex!!!!!!!!!!!! no one is ever financally ready for a baby, but it doesnt mean we should all go around getting abortions!



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