The cons of abortion ?

The cons of abortion ?

The cons of abortion ?


In my opinion the problem with the law saying abortion is OK,is there is no real guidelines, With partial birth abortion for example,the child has developed and has to be torn apart to remove. There are many videos online showing this method,its grotesque to say the least. I have read studies that show women who have abortions never really get over it,at the time they may feel out of sight,out of mind,but they never really forget and have emotional problems throughout life, many suffer depression ect. In my opinion life begins at conception, "it is the very beginning"


Check here for in depth information on abortion: and search abortion The cons of abortion are: - The child doesn't get the chance to live - You are literally murdering someone - The baby could survive being born at the time they abort the child Also, the mom should could go full term but then put the child up for adoption, so that the kid has a life.


Abortion reduces consumers in a society that depends on free market enterprise. Abortion is a lightning rod issue galvanizing rights groups into powerful block voting. Abortion is a personal choice and should be done at the sole discretion of the individual. Abortion affects the mother psychologically as well as the temporary physical effects. Individual responsibilty should be the determining president except in cases of forced rape and child sex whereas parent or guardian must decide.


it is killing a human being when the fetus has moved from being a fetus and to a human being under the law. that happens when the fetus passes through the birth canal. as for the cons of abortion, i consider it a con that the mere existence of a medical procedure causes no end to the number of people who are compelled to preach endlessly and sanctimoniously about how others should act in the name of their god all the while forgetting we are talking about a secular government matter, not one for a non-secular church to decide for all.


It devalues human life. It allows us to give responsibility and good decision making a back seat for the sake of convenience.


Murdering a human child would be the biggest argument against it. Anything else is pretty much irrelevant.


Some people feel it's like killling a human being. Some women (my friend) regret it after they have it done. She had to live with the guilt. :(



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