The arguments for after-birth abortions have begun?

The arguments for after-birth abortions have begun?

The arguments for after-birth abortions have begun?


"One or two people don't speak for everyone!" Very true, but an opinion goes a long way. I could name people that I've met personally who would probably agree with this "after-birth abortion." No, they're not my friends, but I've met many strange people. If two people have an idea, a hundred others are likely to have the same idea or a similar one. In a time like this, once an idea is on the table, it's hard to get rid of it. Some ideas that seem very wrong and ridiculous sometimes actually become accepted and valued. After seeing some ideas go from "not a chance in Hell" to "wonderful idea," it's hard to rule things out completely.


So, who exactly is arguing for after birth abortion? If you read the article, the only thing these two are saying is the same incoherent and nonsensical thing pro-lifers have been trying to say all along. That aborting a fetus is the same thing as murdering a born baby, and that if we allow abortion we might as well allow people to kill born babies as well.


It's absolutely disgusting what they are doing. I've looked up the late or after-birth abortions which is when they pull the baby halfway out of the mother, stick a long needle in the infants head, and insert poison into the brain until the baby dies a horrible painful death. Anyone who would allow or do this is a sick and uncaring individual. If a mother has decided she does not wish to keep her baby in late pregnant, then put the baby up for adoption! Either way your going to have to deliver the baby so give it a chance and to a couple who is not physically able to bear children! I just find it sick what they are doing.


Get you facts right there are not asking for after birth abortions what they are saying that morally there is no difference in pre natal abortions then post natal, it's an academic argument, not to a call for it This is an ETHICAL paper this is created so there can be an open forum to discuss ETHICAL boundaries And second not at any point did they ever say that they condone or support an abortion of any type


In the not so distant past, when a child with birth defects was delivered, it would often be left unattended, not fed, allowed to die. Different cultures, of course, were more or less open about it, but that was generally the way it was handled. The child would never be able to live a normal life in any case, so it was sort of a matter of cut-to-the-chase, if you will. So your supposition is just another illustration of the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


You apparently didn't read the article you linked to. It's written by anti-abortion people who are trying to claim that born infants, who might have qualified for late term abortions, should also qualify for after-birth abortions. The people arguing for this don't actually want "after-birth abortions", they're trying to further push the claim that abortion is equivalent to infanticide.


The article says that "two ethicists" have stated that opinion. I hardly think that the opinion of only two people can be rationally generalized to be representative of the entire population of pro-choice advocates. Please, be a bit more reasonable before you make such broad generalizations. Such broad generalizations do not help your argument.


I wouldn't say the sky is falling down over the philosophical opinion of the two people who wrote the paper.


Oh wait, don't tell me. Let me get my violin to play for you while you arrive at this assertion: "Liberals IN GENERAL are murderers". Am I right? the "pro-abortionist" crap gave it away. You might want to talk to your doctor about this ongoing thing you have with taking wedge issues to the extreme.



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