Abortion pill (ru-486)...?

Abortion pill (ru-486)...?

Abortion pill (ru-486)...?


An abortion pill. This is for pregnancies up to about nine weeks old and involves taking two drugs – called mifepristone and prostaglandin – 48 hours apart. These have the effect of causing the womb to contract and shed its lining so that the embryo is lost through the vagina. This can be painful and some women feel sick or have vomiting and diarrhoea with these drugs. And honestly its not recommended to take if you 7 weeks and above, they say 9 weeks but the further along you are the more painful it would probably be. People have taken the abortion pill and died due to retained products getting infected...but they wont tell you that at the abortion clinic, you have to read up on it yourself. If you do want to have an abortion please read into it more and get as much information as you can. An abortion is irreversable and you may find yourself regretting it, maybe not now but years down the line you could find yourself feeling really bad. Abortions can affect fertility but if it goes straightforward and you have no complications then you should be ok and you'll be able to have kids in the future. I know someone who had an abortion in january and conceived again in march, she regretted the abortion so much she decided to keep the baby and gave birth to him the other day. After you take the pill and stuff you have to go back 2 weeks later i think and they'll check to see everythings fine as sometimes not everything comes out so they have to perform surgery to take it out. please think about this properly if you are pregnant.


I think it's hilarious that I love babies thinks abortion is wrong but is for the IUD which can cause an abortion EVERY SINGLE CYCLE. What a joke. As for those that wrote you above, no offense but I agree with them. You are killing an innocent person because it's inconvenient for you. very selfish. You probably not have any complications, but you could. We can not tell you if you will be able to have kids in the future - if you take the chance of terminating your child's life, then you are taking the chance (small chance) that something will happen and you will not be able to have kids later. That's just how it is. if you do have an abortion and there is a complication, know you brought it on yourself and don't cry over it later. I had an abortion and I had a miscarriage later (maybe due to it) and it took me almost a year to become pregnant with my first born child. I have scar tissue in my uterus according to my OB after my U.S. Probably due to the abortion and why it was hard for me to get pregnant with my first. You take the chance, you take the outcome.


Most will tell you it doesn't affect your fertility - but tell that to the women who have an abortion and years later cannot have children. - it can and does happen, chances are it won't - but you can't get mad if it does as that was a bridge you burned yourself. I don't know your reasons for wanting an abortion - but beleive me there is always a way to avoid this option - it's just the easy way out. Also get an IUD to prevent this from happening again - then you can't say I forgot to take a pill or use a condom.


When I took the pill I didn't have any pains, everyone is different. I had a lot of bleeding,I was bleeding so much, that I didn't leave the house. And I didn't go back to the doctor for my check up. But I think that it's important to always get a check up when you should,just to be on the safe side. I didn't get my check up because the place that I went to wasn't really easy for me to get to. So you know I'm 24 weeks pregnant now,I took the pill almost a year ago. It's didn't effect me with this pregnancy. It's more like a miscarriage. That's how I look at it.


Whether or not you take the pill is entirely up to you, so don't let anybody guilt you into doing something you don't want to do. Your questions regarding that pill would probably be better suited for a doctor though. Personally, I don't believe you have to be married, or in a relationship for that matter, in order to care for a child. Don't get me wrong, that would be nice, but it's not necessary.


first off you have to be less than 5 weeks i believe, it costs over 200 dollars i think but not too sure on the price, and yes you have to go to a check up to make sure it has all come out...but you risk the change of hemorrhaging, and if that happens, well thats not good and yes it could affect you having children in the future if anything goes wrong....consider adoption, you can help someone who wants a child now fulfill their dream...


Want children or not your future has come for children. Grow up and except the fact that you are pregnant and will have a baby. Hopefully the guy/your family are very supportive.


Stop having sex until you are married. Since you are planing to kill an innocent baby, there's no need to be worry about if you can have children in the future or not.



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