Texas Abortion Bill passed today.?

Texas Abortion Bill passed today.?

Texas Abortion Bill passed today.?



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Why is partial birth abortion legal? I hate abortion period but partial birth abortion is like...?
Because of the democrats. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY The democratic party and their RINO friends put in social justice judicial activist judges into the courts that rewrite the Constitution from the bench. These judges have ruled that abortion is legal, and that partial birth abortion is legal....

Why don't any of the national anti-abortion organization support contraception?
You've hit the nail on the head. Anti-abortionist really are not concern about abortion. They are more interested in controlling women.

How do i get my sister to have an abortion ?
I wouldnt get her to get an abortion because thats killing an innocent baby. I would more like talk her into getting it put into adoption. There are lots of young people who can't have kids that would love to have a child of their own. thats my advice for you. ps...pregnant myself and i do...

Abortion statistics?!?
abortionfacts.com is actually an anti-choice propaganda site- here is the CDC's abortion surveillance: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml... Edit: Canadian! My bad: here you go http://www.statcan.ca/bsolc/english/bsol... Oh, and the chances of a woman dying from an abortion are minimal...

Politics: How exactly does rape justify abortion?
<> Even rape does not justify abortion. <> No. The unborn are not responsible for the circumstances surrounding their conception. <> As evil as rape is, this evil does NOT justify the even greater evil of abortion. <> Absolutely she should. Fact is, the number of familes trying to adopt is greater...