Teenage pregnancy statistics?

Teenage pregnancy statistics?

Teenage pregnancy statistics?


you can include me and my girl friend My 16 yr old girl friend and I are 16 and we have a 4 day old girl. my Girl Friend she lives with me and my family Back when i was 13 I had sex with a 13 year old. I wish i never had sex with her but i did. we used a condom but it broke. 3 days ago I got a letter saying I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and I been rewarded full custody and the mother as given up her rights. I have to go pick her up tomorrow We are keeping our baby girl and my 2yr old


stayteen.org is a great site to learn about facts like that, though i dont know if they give specific %, its worth a look.


I'm not doing your homwork for you :]



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Morning after pill Vs. Abortion?
You are correct. Plan b will not end a pregnancy, an abortion does (obviously). Different people believe "life" starts at different points. Some people think birth control is a sin. Its more important that you look at your own beliefs and examine how you feel about it. Make a decision you can...

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Oh, that always works. These hippies pay out good money to get on CO2 spewing transportation. Then they paint posters with paint that emits VOCs. Then they block traffic which causes more fossil fuels to be burned and CO2 to be released. Then they pollute with whatever they smoke. They shoot...

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The medical procedure is called a "dilate and curette" (D&C for short). It is a routine procedure mostly done after childbirth. The cervix is opened and a curved, spoon shaped knife is used to scrape the surface of the uterus to remove any remaining tissue or pieces of the placenta. If done...

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Abortion itself kills 0% of babies. Doctors kill 100% of the aborted babies. That's why many won't do it. 100% of doctors pull the living infant from the birth canal during partial birth abortion, and then puncture the skull to kill her/him, much like the process for baby seals and calves....

Can parents force a pregnant minor to get an abortion?
No they can not. Abortion is your choice. You may be a minor but it is your body and a big decision. If you would like to have the baby then they can not stop you. They can not legally kick you out either (legal age for that is 16)