Teenage pregnancy laws in wyoming?

Teenage pregnancy laws in wyoming?

Teenage pregnancy laws in wyoming?


Google it and see what comes up! Good Luck!


what do you mean by pregnancy laws???



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What percentage of abortions are due to terminally ill fetuses?
It's kind of hard to say. A survey in 2004 found that 13% of women gave "Potential Problems Affecting The Health of the Fetus" as one of their reasons for abortion. But I'm not aware of anybody who has broken it down to the level of "This fetus will inevitably die" vs. "This fetus may die"...

Christians: What do you believe happens to babies when they die?
Where do I find the age of accountability in the Bible? What happens to babies and young children when they die? http://www.gotquestions.org/age-of-accou... Safe in the Arms of God: Words from Heaven About the Death of a Child By: John MacArthur http://www.christianbook.com/words-from-.....

What are the procedures of an abortion?
How they do it depends on how well developed the baby is. Early on when it's very small they can give you cytotec or methotrexate, a cancer drug that attacks the baby's rapidly-developing cells and kills it. A couple of days later they give you prostaglandin pills, a powerful hormone that causes...

Medical or surgical abortion at exectly 6 weeks?
If you are concerned about the pain, I would suggest you be put under. you will wake with just some minor cramping. I lost my baby, but didn't pass the fetus and I had to have a D&E done which is exactly like an abortion. I was put under, and I woke to very little discomfort and I was perfectly...

Opinions about Abortion?
I'm a happy Mom of two and I'm pro-choice. What needs to be understood, is that life comes at price. Not just financial, but also physical, emotional, and temporal. Some women who find themselves pregnant, find also they don't have the resources to support or create this life. These women are...