Synonyms for strength?? ideas?

Synonyms for strength?? ideas?

Synonyms for strength?? ideas?


There are support groups for men suffering from abortion as well. Here are some groups that offer hope and healing retreats. The first link offers retreats for men (you have to scroll down a bit on the page) I'm not sure if the 2nd one offers retreats for men, but they are the largest group that I know of, and probably have contacts for men support groups. People quite often forget that men suffer from abortion just as much as women. Your child loves you. Have you ever thought about asking your child their name? Or giving your child a name?



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Abortion! Who was the founder of the modern "Pro Life" and anti homosexual movement?
It's pretty scary, but it does illustrate a very strong theme in the anti-abortion camp - many of them believe that a woman's biology is her only destiny, and they want to control women, limit their lives to the church, the kitchen, and children, and force them into a submissive, subordinate...

Spanish Government pushing for a more Restrictive Abortion Law?
This is basically about the anti-democratic power of the Catholic church, It might have a right to issue a moral ultimatum to its own adherents - whether they then heed it is a matter for them, and for them only - but nothing can be said in defence of their attempt to impose their male-originated...

How can Obama claim to be Christian when he supports the murder of (late term) unborn humans?
I agree with you, however, I believe the issue of abortion (especially late term abortions on pre-born infants in the last trimester when they are at the same stage of viability and developement as babies who are born prematurely and survive to live perfectly normal lives) goes outside the...

Topics to write about, Pro-Choice.?
My argument when asked why I'm pro-choice is good ole separation of church and state. When the pilgrims came over, it was to get away from an oppressive government that tried to control their religion. When writing the constitution they decided that they wanted a separation of church and state...

What do you think of Obama's decision to lift the funding ban for abortion organizations?
This is a popular question, and my answer remains the same. Abortion IS still a legal option, and so long as it is a legal option people have the right to be told about it, referred for it and counceled for it. And these programs do have the right to federal funding. BTW, for people who dont...