Surgical abortion, (PLEASE WOMEN WITH EXPERIENCE) *desperate*?

Surgical abortion, (PLEASE WOMEN WITH EXPERIENCE) *desperate*?

Surgical abortion, (PLEASE WOMEN WITH EXPERIENCE) *desperate*?


The best thing to do is call a professional health line in private, they'll advise and may even be able to recommend doctors/clinics in your area. I've never heard of anyone dying from internal bleeding. It's a simple procedure if done early enough. If you're in the very early stages (circa 9 weeks) you may not need a surgical abortion, you might get way with taking pills. Up to about 15 weeks a suction procedure is used, so again wouldn't have thought this would cause internal bleeding. However, I'm no expert, I've attached a link for an advice line in the UK, there's a number for the US too (I don't live in the US so recommend you investigate further) Abortion Information 1 – 800 – 772 – 9100. Good luck. Edit - Yes, many will offer their opinions here but ultimately they're not the ones who are going to be there to pick up the pieces. It's your choice, it's a difficult enough decision as it is and realistically only you know what choice is the best suited to your circumstances.


I had an abortion 2 years ago and I am perfectly fine! I had a very good doctor and they kept me there for about a half hour (or maybe longer... its hard to remember, as I was only 15). If you choose to have an abortion just make sure that you have a good doctor who has done the procedure many times. The chances of something going wrong are very very small, it was actually safer for someone my age (at the time) to get an abortion than go through child birth. Whatever you decided, good luck. It is your decision, no one else's. (But hopefully, you aren't pregnant) Edit: Also, mine was a surgical abortion because they said that I was too young to use the abortion pill. But regardless, don't let anyone make you feel bad for considering getting an abortion, and getting an abortion does not make you a murderer either. I don't know why people try to make me feel bad for something I did two years ago, but they do. So just... don't feel bad when people feel the need to judge you. It only matters what you think.


Within the first trimester you can have a non-surgical abortion by taking a pill. Call your local planned parenthood for more info.


follow the good advice you have been given here, and go to a doctor/health may not be pregnant. a fully informed choice is the best choice. i just really wanted to add...learn from this! from now on, practice safe sex with a partner that you know and trust. use reliable birth control Every time. sex can be a very pleasurable, beautiful thing...or it can lead to a world of trouble and you are finding out. best wishes, i hope all goes well with you.


Here is a site with a personal experience story:


Are you in the US? Check with these people, they'll answer your questions...


What you're contemplating is murder for the sake of convenience, and should you give in and do murder, you'd be getting what you deserve if you ended up falling victim to any of the potential consequences you are "just terrified" of.


i have not had an abortion - the issue is politicized here please talk to a dr or medical professional privately


please watch this video before you make a decision about your baby life and your life .



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