Surgical abortion experiences?

Surgical abortion experiences?

Surgical abortion experiences?



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Short term impact of making abortion illegal?
Planned Parenthood offers services well beyond abortion. Abortions make up a very small % of the services they offer. Planned Parenthood provides quality low cost gynecological care. They charge on a sliding scale. So the amount you pay is adjusted based on your income. However, even if you...

What if Lactation starts after abortion?
just one of those things you have to deal with, it will stop soon enough.

Took an abortion pill at 4 to 5 weeks pregnant?
It was probably plan b. Which btw is not an abortion pill.

Are you in favor of killing babies born alive during abortions?
If the baby comes out alive, it should immediately be taken and put up for adoption. If a baby comes out breathing and/or screaming, it is flat-out murder to end its life. I'm sorry. There really is no arguing that point no matter what side of the fence you are on the topic. Now how to ensure...

Arizona's new ruling on Abortion?
This is a very dumb ruling that is going to have no real effect on abortions or adoptions in Arizona. It's another of those laws that sounds good (most people think that abortion for reasons of gender/race preference is morally questionable, even if they support legal abortion) but it also...