Surgical abortion experiences?

Surgical abortion experiences?

Surgical abortion experiences?



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The arguments for after-birth abortions have begun?
Two ethicists wrote a proposal paper- one they explicitly state is not reflective of their views, nor should they think be put into policy. That's what ethicists are supposed to do- they write papers exploring the ethical and moral aspects of various positions. "The two also state that they...

Anyone eles hear that Body Shop supports abortion?? i'm really against it, but i LOVE body shop, so i cant....
Well, in 2000 the Body Shop in Canada honored Elizabeth Bagshaw, who ran an illegal abortion clinic in Canada. The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick said in a January 2004 interview: "For example, the great Catholic activist Dan Berrigan has been an outspoken opponent of abortion. I myself...

Laws Can/Cannot prevent all social evils -Can anybody give me information on this topic ?
Prohition was enacted as an amendment to the US Constitution, but failed since individuals continued to drink and defied the law. The orgainzed crime elements (Capone etc) become rich defing the law. It was not unitl the crime bossess had killed so many innocents that the country repeal probition...

When 92% of women who walk into Planned Parenthood pregnant and walk out not pregnant, why did Obama?
Actually, from their Annual Report 2011-2012 the figure for percentage of services that include abortions is 3%. You qualify for a "Liar, liar, pants on fire sticker."

Can you think of some ideas or lyrics for a song about abortion? 10 points!!!?
How about any Christmas Song that mentions Jesus who was conceived outside of marriage but his mother (who could have been stoned to death for adultery) chose not to have an abortion. With love in Christ.