Surgical abortion after bleeding abortion comments, idc for them they're annoying?

Surgical abortion after bleeding abortion comments, idc for them they're annoying?

Surgical abortion after bleeding abortion comments, idc for them they're annoying?


@Jenny- As far as I'm concerned, you "people" are worse than the "damn devil." You can't "agree to disagree," as you put it because you're so busy shoving your agenda down other people's throats that you miss the part about your morals, or lack thereof, not being binding on the rest of the world. So, no. I won't agree to disagree with you. I'll call you out every time for the lying hypocrites that you are. @Jenny (again) Go find a dictionary and a thesaurus. They would both do you a world of good when you try to converse with educated people. @All of the self-righteous sancti-mommies that haunt this section: P.S. This is a pregnancy board. Abortion and pregnancy belong in the same topic. You're continuing your pregnancy? Good for you. You can't impose your reproductive agenda on the rest of the world. If you're so thin skinned that abortion questions hurt your tender little feelings, then you need to take some time to grow up before you try to deal with the big people's world.


Lol really people? This is not the "only people who are enjoying their pregnancies" board. This is the generic pregnancy board. People post in here ALL the time about miscarriages, preterm labor, still borns, and other things that have to do with PREGNANCY. Go take your preaching elsewhere. And to the OP, call your doctor. I wouldn't post on here about an abortion, because for some reason women who are pregnant are all kinds of judgemental and snappy about that topic


Just ignor the other comments.. They have no idea who you are, what your background is ect.. Its not murder people. If it was- it wouldnt be legal. If the bleeding is not heavy i wouldnt worry to much. The only time you should worry is if your bleeding is basically gushing out with horrible cramps and you have clots. Give your dr a call and ask them. If bleeding persists longer then 4 weeks then go to the emerg. Again people- pro-choice. Woman fought for our rights for a reason and we should be able to choose.


God, I could not agree with Jayda's Mom more... If people would like to ask questions regarding their personal choice to murder their unborn children then I would really prefer that they do it elsewhere. I'm 7 months pregnant and I want to get on here and help people that take responsibility for their actions - same as I have - and not some idiot kid whose cheerleading skirt is apparently a little too short and would be better served by keeping her mouth shut & her legs crossed. Sorry, may sound coarse... but that's the way it is. Go talk to your damn doctor.


I agree with the second comment. We are enjoying our pregnancys so we don't like to hear about abortion and that's why people like you get bad comments. At 9 weeks my baby has a heart beat. I'm 10 weeks now. That's a baby not a toy. Imagin you mom not wanting you and got rid of you. It's called responsibilities. You can't take care of a baby then close your effin legs. We aren't being assholes. We just feel if your not mature enough or grown enough to have the baby then don't have sex. Easy as that. Stop thinking about your needs and think about the outcome.


I think it's hilarious. One poster said that if it was murder it wouldn't be legal. WTF? Then what in the hell do you call a prisoner that is being executed? It is murdering someone, and yet it is legal. Think about it that way dippo. So killing a baby is murder, there's no difference. Legal or not. Think before you speak. Anyhow, onto your bleeding question. It's your fault, you should have come to expect it, for hell sakes you killed your child within you. Should have thought about the consequences that can happen before you killed an innocent baby. Keep your legs closed next time or wrap it before you tap it honey.


Damn how many abortions have you had? Keep your legs closed, if you're not ready to have a baby then don't f*ck! Think for a change & stop murdering children you animal,


These are questions you need to ask your doctor, not people on yahoo answers. Also, go to another section to post....women on here are enjoying their pregnancies and don't wanna hear about you killing your baby. Bring on the thumbs down! :)



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