Surgical Abortion at 7 weeks.?

Surgical Abortion at 7 weeks.?

Surgical Abortion at 7 weeks.?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Surgical Abortion at 7 weeks.? If I get one on a Friday morning, with general anesthetic, how would I feel the Saturday afternoon? Would I be able to go and see my friends (just going out for something to eat in the afternoon) DONT leave comments saying I shouldn't have an abortion or whatever. I have been put in a very...


You should rest on the wkend. Your body & hormones need to get back to normal. Its true everyone is different. You probably get in alot of discomfort. Regardless of the situation you may feel quite emotional afterwards. Again, give youself the wkend. Btw people who say "its your body" that is the stupidest thing, its not a tattoo or piercing.


I am very sorry about what you are going through,i've been in the same boat, don't worry what other people say. If it a abortion at a clinic, just be warned by me it's quite horrific and painful, but if it has to be done it has to be done. I wwouldn'tsuggest going out though. If it is a hospital dnc then you should also get rest, you are going to feel quite crappy,mentally and physically. Good luck though


You may feel fine to hang out. Everyone's different. I know a few people who were up and running the day after. The first day they just rested, but other than that they were fine...physically AND mentally.


I think you should bank on not doing too much during the weekend and probably expect to rest in bed. If you are having it surgically done your body will need some time to recover.


I don't think so. I know a few women who have had chemical and surgical ones and none of them felt too well. If you do decide to go to lunch, have someone drive you there and take you home and keep your pain meds on hand. I highly doubt you'd feel up to it though...


you would feel cramping the rest of friday... but depends on each person... so take it easy saturday and see how you feel.. dont strain yourself for at least 4 days though to prevent excess bleeding...


You would be sore, so depending on your pain threshold. You may be groggy from the pain killers. You might not feel like eating at all, you could even be physically ill.


Abortion is painful my sister has had two (my mom made her have one, after that she became very promiscuous and fell pregnant again) and both times she was very ill her breasts leaked milk and she was slightly depressed for a while obviously this is in addition to the physical pain. I don't agree with it but everyone has to do what they know is best. Is this really whats best for you?



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