Suggestions for a sign to protest against anti-abortion protesters?

Suggestions for a sign to protest against anti-abortion protesters?

Suggestions for a sign to protest against anti-abortion protesters?


"I bomb abortion clinic protesters" I like the "Pray for religious fanatics." I routinely have to field protesters when I go to my PP for services (gyn check ups, birth control ect) I wave smile big and tell that may my god forgive them for their wickedly judgmental ways. Let them have a taste of their own insane preachiness. ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 14 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice. Abortion: There is a Consensus


How about something like: I pray for the hungry children that the anti-abortion sign money could be paying to feed." or The anit-abortion sign money could be feeding hungry children and saving lives." or, Your sign money could be feeding hungry children and saving lives. I'm not too good at slogans but you could tweak em to suit.


I've always had an idea to bring babies to planned parenthood so that people can see what they are doing when they have an abortion. If people were more informed about what abortion is, and how they actually kill the baby (brutal), then they wouldn't think about having an abortion. There's so many people who are trying to adopt. I don't see why people can't give their unwanted children up for adoption rather than slaughtering them.


put up a sighn that says 6 billion people. **** we dont need more


Yea, lets just let innocent babies be killed in their mother's wombs, with their own mother's will. Thats better than dealing with protesters holding up signs.


I would hand them flyer's saying "Please leave me alone- just trying to get in my door." I wouldn't bother spending time with them.


"my mother died in childbirth, which of us would YOU prefer?"



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