Spotting, abdominal pains, recent abortion?

Spotting, abdominal pains, recent abortion?

Spotting, abdominal pains, recent abortion?


Abortion is wrong, you aborted your baby and it had a heart beat... Doctors have proven that abortion is painful to the fetus. The fetus implants by the end of the second week or it is miscarried. By week four there is a spinal cord and a heart tube. By five there is a heart beat- the neural tube closes- ears, lungs, liver, mouth, gallbladder, pancreas, rectum, and spleen appear. Week six the brain divides and the blood is being pumped. Week 7 lungs have finished forming and there are hands and feet. Week 8 all organs have started forming. Week 10-13 it can make a fist and has a face. Week 14-17 fetus has active movements. Week 20 the mother can feel the fetus move and heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope. Just so you know when they do in-utero operations they do give the fetus anesthetic because the fetus will show signs of distress if it isn't given anesthetic. These are usually done around the 19th week if possible. Also I have seen two fetuses on an ultra sound at 7 and 9 weeks. They react to them. The baby moves around and you can see it WITH YOUR EYES! In fact, the tech even told me the fetus's react because they don't like the pressure or the vibrations of wand.


I think you might just be having the after effects of an abortion thats how i was after mine but i was 9 weeks. My doctor put me on birth control after have you considered that not saying anything mean or anything just saying it might be a good idea to me it sounds alot like how i felt afterwords though the pain was almost unbareable and even on my birth control my period was very off at first. i hope it get better also the severe pain could be from the abortion a uti or bladder infection which is what happend to me.


Isn't karma great?



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