Spontaneous Abortion?

Spontaneous Abortion?

Spontaneous Abortion?


Take this whole question and repost it in pregnancy. Some who frequent that section are actually RNs in gender studies we just argue about which gender sucks more. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I know this is not what yo want to hear but you should know that spontaneous abortion in the first trimester is not uncommon it also usually relates to the embryo and not the mother's womb meaning that having an early miscarriage does not mean your body has trouble carrying a baby to term. spontaneous abortion is a miscarriage with no obvious culprit common in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy


Although I'm sure some busybody will report this answer because it's not a direct answer to your question, my advice to you is to make an appointment with your Doctor and discuss these matters with him/her. I've never heard of the term "spontaneous abortion," but I think you'll get more specific answers for your own situation through your Doctor than you'll get here on Yahoo answers.


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Are there ways of stopping a pregnancy without having an abortion?
Abortion by definition is the loss of a pregnancy. Miscarriage is 'spontaneous abortion', as opposed to medical abortion. If you are asking how to end a pregnancy without paying $400 and going to a doctor, there are several ways, but they are all dangerous to the mother and illegal.

I'm pregnant and have 4 month old twins... OMG I'm Freaking. Abortion and breastfeeding?
Of course it doesn't work. Ovulation can return at anytime after child birth. Being pregnancy could change your breast milk. It could dry up, the taste could change dramatically causing them to not want it no more, or there could be no changes at all. It varies from person to person. You can...

What is the price of an abortion?
do you mean actual cost? i had to get an abortion not too long ago, and i got it at a planned parenthood (it was the medical abortion option) and they ask you a few questions, and since I'm 18 and I didn't have my parents helping me out, and my income is about $400 a month, they charged me...

Has anyone seen the 180 Movie about abortion?
I am watching it right now. I will answer in full once I watch the whole movie. I just didn't want you to delete this before I got to answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dh... there is the link for anyone that wants to watch it. I will edit this in 33 minutes and 3 seconds. Edit:...

What are the chances of getting pregnant after an abortion if i don't take my birth control pills?
Well since you had an abortion I am assuming that you do not want to get pregnant which makes me wonder why you would consider not taking the birth control pills. If you didn't want a baby a few weeks ago why would you want one now. The chances are high because of the effect that being pregnant...