Spanish Government pushing for a more Restrictive Abortion Law?

Spanish Government pushing for a more Restrictive Abortion Law?

Spanish Government pushing for a more Restrictive Abortion Law?


The thing is accidents do happen and contraception does not always work. One of my own pregnancies was unplanned and we thought we had been careful. I was lucky enough to have a partner with his own place and a stable job, but I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I have also known other women who have had abortions and it has never been an easy decision taken lightly. Looking at the economic agreements is always difficult. The type of women who cannot pay for an abortion are more likely to be the type to need to claim benefits when the baby is born. You say you are not hapoy for taxpayers to pay for abortions, does that mean you do not mind paying to support a child once born? You also need to remember that very early abortions are now carried out by a woman simply taking a pill over a couple of days, would you ban that? Women's rights have come a long way over the years, going back to the days when they had to visit a back street abortionist would be a step backwards.


Aside from being totally opposed to state control... Not all pregnancies are intended Everyone knows or should know that a condom is only 97% effective Everyone knows or should know that medication can interfere with the pill Everyone knows that men are driven by lust and force themselves on women But at the end of the day you should never bring someone into this world if they won't get the love and attention they deserve Women's rights have been hard fought for and sadly that still continues to this day If men were the ones having children abortion would be free to all with no questions asked Misogynists shouldn't have any say in this decision, it's for women to decide


I want to hear from the King. The people of Espana deserve to know what their King thinks of this matter. The very foundation of Spanish democracy is built on Constitutional Monarchy. There are 19 regions in all of Spain. All very separate from one another and probably have completely different views on abortion. I hasten a guess that Andalusia would not favour abortion while Valencia and Catalonia would support it so the King needs to make his opinion on the issue known considering how important the decision is and since he carries so much weight in the Kingdom.


I'm not sure, but you appear to doubt that governments should have the right to impose values upon individuals, unless it serves some economic purpose that coincides with your sociological opinions? Hardly a recipe for a cohesive policy is it? Your late addition of the male responsibility for contraception doesn't go unnoticed, and unfortunately renders a good question suspect... I would just say this. How about you accept that women have control of their bodies... and you don't. How about you accept that all abortions are caused equally by men and women (except, as you mention... those caused by rape, illness or paedophilia) all of which are caused by men. So not actually equal then? I would love to hear from you why these holy 'tax payers' need to be protected from women whose bodies do exactly what they are supposed to do... while men are allowed to blow our tax dollars In VD clinics and having their bloated alcoholic livers replaced? Only a 'few' of course. Is it reasonable compromise that males who are unable to reach the same standards of behaviour as chimpanzees, should be taxed for being smelly, violently anti-social and educationally incompetent? That's the problem with bigotry. It never stands up to genuine comparison. It can only survive in an atmosphere of lies and delusion.


i agree with everything you said. contraception only fails when used by stupid people. it really isn't that hard to make sure someone doesn't get pregnant. but of course, idiots live on this planet.. so i guess it is for some. women can LITERALLY decide whether or not another human being is brought in to this world. but men can't even decide where their money goes. if a man doesn't want to be a father, too bad, dish out money for 18 years. what a ridiculous time we live in.


Abortion is murder it should only be allowed in certain conditions such as being raped or mothers life in danger. It infuriates me when I hear women who say they not ready for parenthood then why have sex if you know that it could result in you being pregnant? That is a stupid reason to say you can't afford kids the government provides benefits such as child benefit and others for children so it is affordable in todays day and age sad to see the world becoming more liberal...


I doubt very much any abortion is right because they are not victimless, even though they may be a necessity for the woman.


They had the power to vote it in which they did, but as usual, it is always a slippery slope, and you now see abortion on demand.



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