South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?



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Why are sex-selection abortions seen as wrong by supporters of abortion?
I'd really like someone who REALLY supports abortion but thinks this is wrong to give a good reason. People think it's ok if the child will be mentally handicap. People think it is ok because well the parents can't take care of it(what about oh I don't know ADOPTION). Yet it's so bad that they...

Obama and his Abortion comments.?
His children will learn through the idea of "Entitlements." No matter what they do they are entitled to an abortion, a good lawyer, and the rest of us to provide welfare when they need it. ~

How to cope up with the emotional side effects of abortion?
She needs to also see a therapist who will be able to provide what is called "talk therapy". It is necessary especially when someone is dealing with something as disturbing such as an abortion would be. If she sees a therapist as well as a psychiatrist she will be able to learn how to deal...

Why Do Christians Never Stand Up Against Murdering Abortion Doctors?
Christians encourage through prayer and donations to support those who do the murdering for them. That is why Christians in Uganda murder homosexuals while Christians in the USA encourage them to do so and they can feel all self-righteous about not actually committing the murders themselves...

What are the laws about abortion in illinois?
Abortion and Birth Control Services, Ltd. Illinois Abortion Clinics offering women services throughout Illinois ... Welcome to Illinois Abortion. We are committed to caring for women in a ... Illinois Abortion near you~