South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?



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Can your step dad take you to get an abortion?
I had a friend who had to get an abortion after she drank too much and an old friend of hers took advantage she ended up pregnant and devestated, she wanted to have a baby in the future but that was not the way she wanted to have a child. I felt her pain and I agreed with her decision. Since...

Same gender couples adopting children are God's answer to the prayers to end abortion?
God bless you for this question and yes I hope this does happen. God made everyone and therefor all people and sexual orientations are acceptable to him. I pray for this to happen soon. :o)

Which lifestyle should I chose to live?
I say keep the baby, get a little job, got to boarding school and go to private college and be a good girl. Let me tell ya i know too many girls who are still depressed and crying their eyes out because they aborted their child. Trust me its something you will never get over. Partying isnt...

Help With Abortion Debate?
Hmm.. well if the abortion is murder card comes up then say, not necessarily because if you know the child will be born into an unfit family and/or will have disabilities and such then it would be better for it not to have to go trought the suffereing and if they put it up for adoption with...

Suggestions for a sign to protest against anti-abortion protesters?
steps: 1. Go to front of planned parenthood with boombox and cd 2. play Digable Planets "La Femme Fetal" (a pro-abortion song) as loud as you can 3. Get sign that says, "Do you want my sister to die in childbirth?" or, "Doctor or clothhanger at home? You decide" because before abortion was...