South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?

South Carolina abortion-minor?



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Chuck Hagel a great man?
He is scared of Iran

Poll: "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or "Porky's"?
fast times hands down some how they made an abortion funny

Has any 1 had problems getting pregnant after a surgical abortion?
I was 5 week pregnant when I aborted. I got pregnant again a month later and have a healthy 2 year old daughter. Having an abortion at such an early gestation, and it being done correctly, shouldn't complicate getting pregnant again when you're ready.

Why doesn't Planned Parenthood offer adoptions services?
That is a great idea. How wonderful it would be if PP and other organizations like that would encourage birth and adoption over abortion. You might be interested to check out There's a lot of good information on how you can support adoption efforts all over the...

What is the price of an abortion?
do you mean actual cost? i had to get an abortion not too long ago, and i got it at a planned parenthood (it was the medical abortion option) and they ask you a few questions, and since I'm 18 and I didn't have my parents helping me out, and my income is about $400 a month, they charged me...