Sometimes is it a positive thing to have an abortion?

Sometimes is it a positive thing to have an abortion?

Sometimes is it a positive thing to have an abortion?


I would not say it is positive for those reasons. But I would say that abortion is no one else's business except for the mother that has to go through it. I mean honestly no one wakes up and is happy to get an abortion it is emotionally traumatizing. Condoms break it doesn't nessecarily mean people are irresponsible. And as for the rich chic that would just be bitchy for her to have an affair. Death is never positive remember that. What if that baby with HIV or Hep C grew up and changed the world for the better? Just remember everything happens for a reason


OK so I was reading some of the answers on this and I'm pretty sure everybody has heard that "things sometimes just happen" a lot of people are saying "the women should know better" but what happens when a women is in a abusive relationship and is raped by her husband! Who's to say that in a couple of years they won't have a drug that blocks HIV from the the baby! Abortion is here for a reason no matter what the circumstances! I personal think that it's up to the women on weather or not it's a positive thing!


While I do not believe in abortion I would never support a law to ban it mainly because of the so called back ally abortions. In the case of a mothers heath or the health of the child I think the mothers should be able to choose. The mental health augment however that some so called mothers use is not an excuse for late turm abortions! I do not believe it is our place to decide if a child is better off being born because even if life his hard for that child they still get a shot a life and even people who have a hard life usually want to live. I had a hard childhood, but my life improved over time.


Abortion is not the issue. Irresponsible adults are the problem. (with the exception of rape). In cases such as the ones you mentioned, yes, I believe sometimes abortion may be the answer. On the other hand, I would NEVER condone an abortion due to lack of responsibility. If a woman knows that bringing a child into her current life would be harmful to the child, she has no business spreading her legs. We all make mistakes, but what really counts is being responsible enough to do the right thing and learn from it. Getting an abortion because you screwed up is wrong. Fixing yourself and your life to ensure the child you created is healthy and happy is the right thing to do. Hope I answered your question.


If a women was in a abusive relationship she should try to get out of the relationship as soon as she found out she was pregnant, the male would most probaly hit her while pregnant and may end in injurying the baby or worse miscarriage. Abortion would not be may option is that case, taking a babys life because of a man who cannot control himself, adoption is also a option. Staying in a relationship knowing ur child would be hit everday of their life is stupid and selfish It is just wrong u have anyone 2 have unprotected sex if u know u have any std. Infecting the other person if they dont already have a std and also affecting your unborn baby. Who would bring a unborn baby into the world knowing they would infect their baby and know what kind of a horrible life they would have. In this case i would reccomend a abortion as soon as they found out they were pregnant. I do not like abortion at all but in this case i would say abortion would be the best option. If the person was raped or was on contraception and did not want the baby adoption would be the best option not abortion.


HIV isnt a death sentence any more and having hiv does not mean you will pass it to your unborn child., and I dont agree with having an abortion solely on an abusive relationship beacause ther are resources to help you with that however I do agree that their are some reasons an abortion is the right thing to do. This choice varies from person...only you know if it is the right thing for you. I do agree about abortions for people with sever addictions. A baby should not suffer its life because of the addictions of the mother. Every child should be a wanted child!


Its a personal issue, and a woman should always have the right to choose.... I do agree it is better in some situations and not in others, but it is no one elses right except that woman in that situation to decide.... No one else should interfere... Pass judgment if you must but do it in your own time and stop picketing outside abortion clinics and raving on about how horrible they are, don't you think they feel bad enough? xox


I think it's extremly irresponsible for a woman with any of those diseases, to risk becoming pregnant, by having unprotected sex. It's the resposibility of women in general, to not get pregnant in the first place if they know that the child would not have a decent life. If pregnancy can be prevented then why would they get pregnant knowing they would have to kill it. I see what you're saying. What I don't understand is why a woman in a bad situation, drugs, abuse, disease, would allow herself to become pregnant. I believe that no child should be brought into any of those circumstances. But why would a woman get pregnant if she knows all this. Why not just prevent getting pregnant, instead of having to kill the poor child?


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