So mad. Forced Abortion.?

So mad. Forced Abortion.?

So mad. Forced Abortion.?


I'm sorry your parents arnt on the same page as you but technically your an adult so you can make your own desisions. However remember that you have your whole life ahead of you, having this baby would maybe cause a lot of issues if your in college and or planning to get a job. Babies are wonderful and amazing to have around but your 19 and would be a single parent when you have your entire life ahead of you, you could get married one day and have kids then or you could have this baby. This will cost a lot of money, both before the birth and after. The baby will be your main priority and your still so young. I don't nessisarily think life will be the easiest with a bundle of joy hanging over your shoulders. You won't get too do what your friends will be doing, you'll be staying home with the baby while they're out having fun. Your parents just want what's best for you but it's your desison and they shouldn't be forcing an abortion, it's up to you wether you want it or not.


Seriously pull up your big girl pants and tell them you are having the baby if that's what you want and to either get on board or leave you alone. Yes having a baby at 19 can be tough but women do it every day yes you will have that much more work to do because wether you work or go to school you have to balance that with taking care of a baby. If you feel like you are not ready to be a mother and do not want an abortion you can look into adoption. It's plain and simple no one can make you get an abortion if you truly don't want to have one and that step should only be taken if you choose it it's no one elses decision. You will be okay make the best decision for you and you can figure out the rest as it comes.


Raise the Child, Or If you can't handle it then why don't you leave it at the orphanage, so that someone can take good care of the child, though it hurts much, but don't expect the child will love you in return.. It's a big seen to have an "ABORTION" thing it's like killing an innocent angel..


Kirsten, I'm so sorry they are being so unsupportive. You know in your heart that this child deserves life, be strong and protect your baby's irreplaceable life. Abortion would bring terrible pain to your life, don't do it. For help or even just someone to talk to there is the Sisters of Life at 877-777-1277 or visit Stay strong, you will know life was the right choice and worth it the moment you hold this precious child in your arms for the first time. God love you!


They can't force you to have an abortion. But you need to look at whether you would really be able to raise a child alone. Can you afford a child? Do you have health insurance? If the answer to these is 'no' then are you willing to live in poverty and sentence your child to a life of being poor? Is that fair to a child?


Your 19 & Considered An Adult You Should Choose What's Best For You & Yo Baby...Babies Are Blessings From God So Remember That While Your Trying To Make A Decision !!!


Nobody can force you to have an abortion! Stand up for your rights and the right of your baby to live! There is nothing really wrong about abortion when done willingly, but this is not the case. You realize that you will have to give up some of your dreams and dedicate your life to trying to raise the kid? You do? And you are still willing to sacrifice your plans and the next 18 1/2 years to raising him or her? You will? Then go ahead and have the child! You are an ADULT and it is YOUR dad blamed decision to make, and no mistake! So I support you no matter what decision you make and I hope your lives are full of love, laughter and music. GOOD LUCK!


NO-ONE CAN FORCE YOU TO GET AN ABORTION,,, IT'S YOUR CHOICE,,, your baby did nothing wrong and don't worry about the father not being around you can raise it on your OWN, you can get help, like wic from health department, if you have no or low paying job you can get medicaid for insurance, food stamps if needed,,breastfeeding is best for baby and you supply it, buy luvs diapers, there like 20.00 at walmart, buy clothes that are on sale or granimals from walmart for like 2.50 sometimes you can find them for 1.00 each piece,, you just need essentials and i'm sure there is a planned parenthood place around you and they can help with stuff, mission for clothes and such, there is plenty of help out there if you need,, tell your parents that your not getting an abortion and to put their self in your shoes, if they had an abortion with that they wouldn't have and ask your mom especially how she would feel, being told to get abortion,, that is never the answer as far as boyfriend or ex opioion they are probably just worried about him paying child support , have them sign a paper that they want you to get an abortion that way when you keep your baby, you have the control over it .. if you have a abortion your going to kill an innocent life,, and your baby loves you at conception and will love you after being born,, it doesn't care if you are rich or poor,, it will love you as long as you love it.. you would putting yourself in a BADDDDD emotional state if you killed your baby,, and it would be your pain alone, everytime you saw a baby you will remember killing yours off, and nothing will make you forget that DECISION . you may even become a alcoholic or druggy if you choose abortion. get whatever help you at dhs office, health department, and whoever helps, the other agency's will tell you about others that can help. good luck and god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They can't force you to have an abortion. As far as whether or not you would do a decent job as a parent there is no way for anyone here to know. Do you have the ability to make enough money to support the child well...including sending it to college? Will you have enough time and patience to assure it does well in school? Do you have the emotional stability to love it and guide it well? Are you ready to give up focusing on yourself and devote yourself physically and mentally to this child for the next 18 years or so? If not the other option is to have the baby and give it up for adoption.



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