Showing me how to brain storm on women right on abortion?

Showing me how to brain storm on women right on abortion?

Showing me how to brain storm on women right on abortion?


Personally, I strongly disagree with abortion most especially if the reason is just because it was unplanned, etc. You could begin by clarifying what you mean by abortion. If you were to include "abortion" in ectopic pregnancies, that would make your argument different as in such there is no direct intention of terminating the pregnancy. Surgical abortions and abortifacient contraceptives may all be considered when defining abortion. If you're planning to write pro abortion, you might want to rethink that beginning with what "rights" really are for, etc.


You can mention in your essay that it's just not about giving birth to the child and saving his/her life, but also the future should be taken into account. If it is an illegitimate child, then in many conservative cultures, the social life of not only the mother, but also the innocent child is impaired. Rather than struggling with a lone-parent family, the mother should have the right of abortion, if she thinks it's the better option.


well, if you are arguing for abortion then you could argue that existing life is more important than potential life and if the baby is going to harm the mother or lead to her going through psychological or emotional problems then it is perhaps for the best that she can have this option. although it should always be used as a last resort.



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