Should we now, at the very least, mandate birth control coverage since new study shows drop in abortion?

Should we now, at the very least, mandate birth control coverage since new study shows drop in abortion?

Should we now, at the very least, mandate birth control coverage since new study shows drop in abortion?


I definitely think that it should be mandated as part of medical insurance coverage! Doesn't it cost less for b/c than it does for prenatal care and for neonatal care??? I think birth control and abortion are two entirely different things. Birth control controls the incidents of conception. Abortion is something that takes place after an egg is already fertilized. I think it is wise to use b/c until one is ready to have kids.


I think birth control should be made available at the health centers & free clinics. I also feel that if you are drawing public assistance & have more than 2 children while doing so you should be removed from assistance or submit to sterilization.


OK. The Republicans never outlawed abortion during the Bush administration because that is their golden goose. As long as they keep promising, but not delivering, they can keep conning the cons out of their votes.


I believe it ought, yes. EDIT: @Ola: "Access is very easy now. It costs $9,50 a month. It's easy. " * Surveys show that nearly one in four women with household incomes of less than $75,000 have put off a doctor’s visit for birth control to save money in the past year ( ) * Twenty-nine percent of women report that they have tried to save money by using their method inconsistently ( ) * More than half of young adult women say they have not used their method as directed because it was cost-prohibitive ( ) * Nearly half of women ages 18–34 with household incomes less than $75,000 report they need to delay or limit their childbearing because of economic hardships they’ve experienced in recent years ( ) * When asked the question "Has there ever been a time in your life when the cost of prescription birth control made it difficult for you to consistently use it?", 34% of women surveyed replied "Yes" (and that percentage is even higher in young and poor women):


most who are against abortion are also against birth control. they consider birth control abortion too, just before contraception.


Its better than sending unwanted kids to prison.



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