Should the us abortion policy become fully pro life or should the parent's morals control the decision?

Should the us abortion policy become fully pro life or should the parent's morals control the decision?

Should the us abortion policy become fully pro life or should the parent's morals control the decision?


The parent's morals,(assuming they have any), should be the very first avenue in such a decision. The government, schools, planned parenthood should have no say above that of the parents. The death penalty, is what it is, which is an ultimate penalty for an ultimate crime, namely murder. But, having by and largely abolished it, you can see where we are. Our inner cities are war zones, people live behind locked doors, armed to the teeth, guard dogs straining at their leashes for protection against an element of society that has no fear of the law or the judicial system. The war in the middle east is a just and nessecary war. Do not forget, we were attacked on our own soil. The candidate part I shall leave alone, for I think you can see from my posting what my veiws are.


A lot of people seem to disregard a very important idea about abortion. If it is made illegal, thousands more children will be born every year and our population rate will skyrocket. Our population is already out of control. Making abortion illegal will in turn make earth overpopulated, underfed, and a very unhappy place to be. Nevermind temporary sadness from having to abort - think about the long term effect and learn from your mistake.



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