Should the European court of human rights be allowed to make a decision to legalise abortion in Eire?

Should the European court of human rights be allowed to make a decision to legalise abortion in Eire?

Should the European court of human rights be allowed to make a decision to legalise abortion in Eire?


Isn't it ironic? Everyone talking about human rights that is.... Okay... if the mother's life is in jeopardy, there should be careful assessment to see if the pregnancy can actually kill the woman, and then take action accordingly. but where are the unborn baby's rights? I'm talking here about those who use the abortion as a contraception. Why didn't these women (and their partners) use adequate contraception instead of killing the baby before it is even born? Isn't that baby a human being too? Don't you think the baby can feel pain? The ethical issues arise when deciding when the abortion is justified and when it isn't. if it is available to everyone, the ones using it won't be only those in danger of dying because of the pregnancy, but also those who don't want the pregnancy but are not in any danger.


I think I agree with Haz, but it's difficult to know just what she is saying as it's couched in such emotive terms. This should turn out to be one in the eye for the Catholic church, which has far too much power over people's lives. It is outdated and actually positively dangerous in its attitudes. It is reaping the rewards of its stance against contraception and until that changes, there will always be the demand for abortions. The Church still seems to feel that the biblical injunction to 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth' has some bearing in today's world. It's about time it took a good look around and realised that we have 'been fruitful and multiplied and replenished the earth' until it is groaning at the seams and therein lies 90% of our problems. (If not 100%). I somehow suspect that Wiredup is Irish and a staunch Catholic who thinks the world belongs to his descendants and t'h!!! with everyone else.


They already tried unsuccessfully in the North to have it legalised these "human rights" campaigners. They got civil partnerships recognised by the courts against the wishes of the majority now they want to murder unborn babies, they want everything their own way. Upstart trouble makers that's all they are well they can go to hell. I also suggest the Lithuianian to piss off home to have the abortion and stop hiding behind Irish "human rights" campaigners. The 32 counties of Ireland should never legalise abortion, its enough that they already had gay partnerships legalised in the 6 counties


Brave women - I wish them luck.I think they are damn right in every single thing they say...I think it's in matters like this that the court should intervene. I realise that Ireland has had referendums on the moral issue but to me it's medical and absolutely infringes on human rights. That they don't allow it doesn't mean they stop it happening, they are just outsourcing the problem - it just happens in the UK instead and that makes both cruel and unnecessary. That Ireland is using the debate to assert it's supposed moral identity or it's 'innocence' is wrong wrong wrong. So yeah I hope Ireland gets a god almighty smack in it's archaic gob.


Well, since Ireland voted to join the EU, that is going to be a real issue for them, now isn't it? Say good bye to your country's freedom to autonomy.



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