Should people throw Post-Abortion parties?

Should people throw Post-Abortion parties?

Should people throw Post-Abortion parties?


I know you're not being serious, but honestly... You know that someone actually asked that same question a couple of months ago? I think HE was actually serious. He was against abortion and implied that women who have abortions do it for fun. I've never had an abortion, and hope I'll never have one (but you never know), but women who have abortions, apart from a few psychos, do not do it as a contraceptive tool. They do it because it was an accident.


No woman ever celebrates having an abortion. No matter the reason for it, it's a harrowing procedure, and a woman who has had one needs caring friends, not a party.


Probably post-abortion parties aren't needed, but I bet you're a good candidate for a post-battering party, in prison.


To celebrate the death of a life which has no recognized rights to excercise itself is perhaps worse than being barbaric. Women who abort excercise their personal right and choice but to celebrate it is something else. Abortion is a womans right but i dont think any humane woman would like to celebrate something like this!!!!


we have post divorce parties, so why not throw a post abortion party.


I have never heard of that,however, it's good for support.


That would be her business, not yours.


what exactly would they be celebrating?



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