Should partial birth abortion be a political issue?

Should partial birth abortion be a political issue?

Should partial birth abortion be a political issue?


Well, really your point here is only about partial birth abortions, and while I agree with you, I really only agree past the third trimester, before that is iffy. To be frank, developmental processes are difficult to assess, and since children develop in the womb at different rates we can not be entirely certain that every child in this group is without congnisense. All we can be assured of is that those that need an abortion will be allowed to get them that late in the game. You can talk all you want about the people that exploit it, it doesn't make a difference. The fact of the matter is that for many reasons abortion is important. Why am I saying all this? I'm not going to try to defend Obama, he can do that well enough on his own. Instead, I will simply explain that the process of cutting back on abortions is infinitely regressive. Once people decide that one kind of abortion before the third trimester is decided against, it allows similar actions to occur at other stages. It's less about the fact that any one stage will be rejected, it's that pretty much everyone lines up on 1 of the 2 sides of the abortion issue. Either they are entirely against it, or entirely for it. And because of that, there can be very little agreement, and no middle ground.


Yes, it should be. It is MURDER. There is no other way to describe it. Now, I do think that in cases of incest, rape, or if the mother is going to die, there should be abortions allowed. And even then it is horrible. I just think the women that are wanting to keep all forms of abortion legal are the ones that can't seem to keep their legs together. If you are too lazy to buy a condom or take a form of birth control, DON'T HAVE SEX!!! It is that simple.


I think that the type of woman who would have a partial birth abortion should have the right to destroy it. People like that have no business having children anyways, and would only raise that child in their own image. (Endless cycle) In nature, the strongest survive. Therefore I think the weak part of society should be able to remove their spawn from humanity. Of course it's wrong, but you can't get that through the thick heads of feminists.


yes it should.the name "baby born alive act"pretty much says it all.your born alive,somebody sucks your brain out .you have been doesn't matter if your 40 minutes old or 40 years.your brains are removed against your will you have been murdered.we all need to take a picture of our child or niece or nephew into the voting booths with us this year.when asked why state obamma voted to abort living breathing babies just like my _______.i look in her/his face to remember the living children that were murdered by obammas voting against the baby born alive act.


Saying the government shouldn't limit partial birth abortions & induce delivery abortions because you don't want all abortions to be illegal is like saying you won-t limit the sale of rocket launchers because you don't want the common citizen to be denied the right to have a small handgun to protect their home from criminals! It is a bogus agrument!


Of course it should be! To be honest ALL abortion should be a political issue. Abortion is murder and should be acknowledged as such, and by NO means should we allow it under the rock of "choice".


Considering that we are voting for people that are supposed to protect life and the rights involved with living, this is absolutely a political issue.


Well sometimes the choice is weather to save the mother or the child.Either way someone will die. So no the courts shouldn't be the one that chooses. The Dr. should & the woman.Hopefully they wold find out they need to have it before it's a "partial birth"


I don't understand why women think it's an issue only affecting their bodies. Of course this is a political issue. Why can't I do drugs? It's my body. Why do I have to wear a seatbelt? It's my body. Why can't I commit suicide? It's my body.



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