Should i be worried about this? still bleeding 3 weeks after abortion?

Should i be worried about this? still bleeding 3 weeks after abortion?

Should i be worried about this? still bleeding 3 weeks after abortion?


You need to go to the doctor and make sure everything is ok. With any type of procedure you WILL have a check-up appt. so i suggest getting your self help since it sounds like the doctor who preformed your abortion did follow correct procedure.


Ok first thing, go to the gynecologist or a doctor as soon as possible, remember health first! Don't worry, mabey your body is just getting used to the fact of not having a thing growing in it anymore! Peace out girl -- good luck! x


You had an abortion????? Well go to the doctor,just to make sure that's normal or something.


i would call your doctor and consult him. each person reacts differently. call your dr. hope everything is ok. :)



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