Should government ban the illegal abortion clinic??

Should government ban the illegal abortion clinic??

Should government ban the illegal abortion clinic??


what is an "illegal abortion clinic?" If its illegal, then why would it need to be banned. It is assumed to already be banned,


First of all abortion is not illegal. You said illegal abortion clinic... If its a illegal clinic then of course it should not be operating.


If the clinic is illegal, guess it is already banned. The ones that are legal, should be illegal.Yes, they should be banned. If someone does not want to have a baby, don't get pregnant.Abortion is taking the life of a living being.Wake up people !


If it's illegal, yes. I don't think the abortion clinics are illegal.


Abortion clinics aren't illegal. Abortion is not illegal. The government should keep it's nose out of a woman's womb. It's nobody's business what a woman does with her own body.


It would have to be proven that it is illegal.



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