Should casey anthony have gotten an abortion?

Should casey anthony have gotten an abortion?

Should casey anthony have gotten an abortion?


Its easy to say yes since we all know the outcome of her daughter's life. I haven't seen the evidence that actually points to Casey as a murderer but I kind of just assume she did it. Is it possible the girl died by drowning and Casey didn't call 911? OR whats the deal with the tape? Did Casey tape chloroform over Caylee's mouth and accidentally kill her thinking Caylee would only be passed out while Casey was out partying? and then made it look like a drowning at the parent's house early in the mourning, waking up the Dad who is an ex cop and could tell that Caylee was a stiff board? But then that means the Dad didnt turn her in and instead got into that fight and Casey paniced and did what she did. Or who knows that who famly is nutty


The mother makes me sick. You can see she isn't regretful losing the child not in the slightest. She'd just wished to be rid of her in ever body language she has ever elated. and emotional action. Please don't say the not my daughter syndrome. Remember Jonn bonnet Ramsey Dec 25 th 1996.



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