Should abortion be illegal? Why or Why not?

Should abortion be illegal? Why or Why not?

Should abortion be illegal? Why or Why not?


I do not have any FACTS. That is my problem with permitting abortion. Most people who are pro-choice are deciding when life begins, it is not a human until it reaches some specific point in its developement. Those who are pro-life do the same thing, only stating that life begins at conception or fertilization. The difficulty is that I do not think we have the right to play God and decide WHEN we think life begins exclusively and absolutely. There are other some what unresolvable issues that abortion tends to be a result of. If you are an aetheist, you believe you do not have anything to answer to (not to say that all ant-theists are pro-choice.) Theists think differently and tend to be pro-life (but then the variations are theological beleifs.) Especially if you carry out atheism to its logical en, nihilism. Not to mention the myriads of philosphies people hold with regards to the value of human life. So the question that I think holds the most sway in this entire argument ends up being "What if..." And then I think, "what if we are wrong, and we do have an ultimate moral being to answer to, and what if life does begin as early as fertilization? Will I have the blood of human beings on my head?" I do not want to have to asnwer for that. Ultimately, because nothing is conclusive in the entire abortion debate (except that "nothing is conclusive") I have chosen to take a more conservative stand because I fear what I do not know for sure.



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