Should Abortion be encouraged?

Should Abortion be encouraged?

Should Abortion be encouraged?


How about the fact that there are over 143 million orphans in the world, why have hope your child would go to a good home when there are so many orphans, and children being abused if foster care. Abortion should not be "Encouraged" but it should definitely be legal. Better sexual education is what should be encouraged. The fact that some women aren't able to financially support themselves, there fore wouldn't be able to support a child, or even handle a pregnancy. It is dangerous for young girls to have babies, and many teens die in child birth. Abortion is safer than child birth. @Kelli: Um... what the heck are you rambling about? First, with the millions of orphans, a women who cannot conceive a child can adopt another child. And God doesn't make babies. People do! When people say only 1% of abortions are from rape or incest. That is a terrible point because there are approximately 42 Million abortions preformed every year. 1% of 42 million is 420,000. That means there are around 420,000 abortions a year from rape or incest.


I think the cases you've stated would be suited enough for this essay and they're your own ideas rather than some random strangers' from the internet. Personally I'm pro-choice. Women should always have a choice. But within the right circumstances. Of course it should never, ever, be used as a form of birth control, but I do believe that there are reasons in which terminating your baby would be the best decision for both the mum, dad and baby. Financial issues is usually the biggest concern. If you're not financially stable, you need to think if you'll really be able to provide for the child and give it what it needs, let alone what it wants. And then there is the extreme cases of sexual abuse, etc. Also, do you think you're ready? Are you mature enough to understand that this means you'll be taking a backseat in your life and putting the baby's needs before yours for the next 18 years? Me, I'm 7 weeks and 2 days. I'm going to get my baby terminated on Thursday. My reasoning is because I've been having a lot of medical problems and I can't handle the stress nor the pain, but I'm not in a great place in my life, either. I think it's the best for me as well as the baby, and that's what you've got to focus on. What's in the best interest for mum and what would be best for baby. You'll get different responses from everyone, but try to weed out the religious preaching as they tend to be a bit far fetched. I hoped this helped. Good luck with your essay!


<> NO! Of course is should NOT! <> Do you really believe abortion should be encouraged? Persuasive essays are much easier, and more fun, to write when you actually agree with the point you're trying to make. Also, don't you think your topic should be something less controversial? <> This is a bad essay. You have NO good arguments. Pick another topic. RAPE? No good. The unborn are NOT responsible for the circumstances surrounding their conception. Therefore it's wrong to think the evil of rape justifies the even greater evil of abortion. TOO YOUNG? what does that even mean? I mean, if the couple is old enough to procreate, doesn't that suggest that they are in fact NOT "too young"? FINANCE? Irrelevant. The poor and the rich have been having babies for eons. Hey, fact is, tough times don't last. Tough people do. BIRTH DEFECTS & RETARDATION? Are you TRYING to offend with this argument? Children born with less than a clean bill of health are NO LESS HUMAN than those children born healthy. Therefore, what play NAZI and advocate their destruction in the womb? <> Suffering is a fact of life. Everyone experiences suffering in life. Suffering is NO JUSTIFICATION to MURDER babies in the womb! <> It's not. Murdering absolutely innocent human beings in their mother's womb. THAT'S cruel and unusual. <> Pick a different topic.


I wouldn't say encouraged, but I think it most certainly should be kept an open option, and the stigma should be stripped away. The simple fact is that there are many cases where abortion is the best option available, and any woman who finds herself in such a situation shouldn't be made to feel bad for considering it.


It all depends on your personal beliefs. I personally do not believe in it all all. God put that baby there for a reason. Rape- there are people out there that cannot conceive, and this could be the opportunity for them to have a baby they always wanted. Is it fair that a baby was conceived in this manner, absolutly not, but he/she was put there for a reason. Financially- most are not ready financially, if you are not ready financially, then don't have sex. Too young- both previous reason apply here, adoption, and should not be having sex. Birth defects or retardation- the love of a child is unconditional, and a special needs child will bring a special feeling to a person's heart that they have never felt before. You will have supporters and nay sayers. You have to go with what you believe in...good luck to you.


Can we kill all babies right now under three months if the father lost his job or bailed on the mother? That would be redicious so why is it ok in the womb? Rape and insist is less then 1% of the cases. Even if the mother doesn't want the child there is always adoption which doesn't rely on killing the child. There are many more couples seeking to adopt babies than there are babies available for adoption. Each year approximately 40,000 babies are given up for adoption in the United States and 129,000 children in foster care are eligible for adoption, versus approximately 600,000 couples actively seeking to adopt children.


No. I am pro-choice- that means that women have a choice, one as free as possible from being swayed by either side (obviously there are some things that will sway a woman- the risks of pregnancy or the financial infeasibility of carrying to term, etc.- that we cannot control). Poor women deserve the right to carry to term and/or raise their children. Parents with fetuses with abnormalities deserve the right to carry to term and/or raise their children. Rape victims deserve the right, if they want to, to carry to term and/or raise their children. Suffering is not guaranteed in anybody's life- children born from rape, born to parent(s) in poverty, and born with diseases may suffer, or may not, but the most pressing and crucial matter is realizing that your concern over potential children should be focused on making life better on those potential children- not by taking away a woman's right to decide what happens to her body. And yes, "encouragement" is, in my eyes, taking away her right to make that decision freely. Hope that helps.


Why would you want to encourage abortion? I can understand if you are pro-choice but why would you want to encourage people to have abortions? Surely you mean another word other than encouraging because that's weird.


'Encouraged' is the wrong word, that means trying to persuade women to go out and have abortions. Instead focus on the option being available and easily accessible.



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