Sex after a surgical abortion...?

Sex after a surgical abortion...?

Sex after a surgical abortion...?


Why would you be tighter? Maybe you should stop thinking about sex and how 'tight' you are.. I mean why would you want to rush back into sex after murdering a child?


How about not having sex at all till you are ready to become a mother. Why take the chance of having another unwanted pregnancy so you can abort it again.


i would say its the same, if u was tight before, u will be tight, if not then u know ur answer.mine was tight n still is, as for the 3weeks, they say u can have sex if no complications, but that was the farthest thing from my mind after getting this done,sy bout 7months later, bout to each his own, every person is diff


what a hoebag! why would you even think about sex after you just had an abortion. that should be the last thing on your mind right now.


Not to be rude, but you just murdered your child. But you want to go and have sex and get pregnant again? Maybe you should have your tubes tied or just keep it in your pants.


It feels the same. I have never heard anyone say they felt "tighter".


No offense. But you're a cruel ******* *****!!! D: How dare you just take a child's life.


you should be aborted. why would you post this in the pregnancy section? a s s h o l e!


It feels the same.



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