Sex 4 days after surgical abortion?

Sex 4 days after surgical abortion?

Sex 4 days after surgical abortion?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Sex 4 days after surgical abortion? I had a surgical abortion may 18.They gave me specific orders not to take baths(showers ok)swim,have sex or exErsice for2weeks.well on May 22nd I went2the gym & did cardio 4 two hours.I felt fine.Until i went home & noticed i was bleeding more than I was when i left the doctors office.Despite that...


Let's see: 1. You defied your doctor's orders within 3 days of your abortion by A) exercising and B) having sex when they specifically told you not to do these things for 2 weeks. 2. You seriously had unprotected sex when you have JUST had an abortion? The pulling out method does NOT work sweetheart. Try googling "safe sex." I am pro-choice, but your act of unprotected sex (especially so soon after your abortion) was moronic. Abortion is NOT birth control.


Call your gynecologist NOW and leave a message for the emergency doctor on call to contact you right away. If you don't have a gynecologist or yours doesn't have an on-call doctor or emergency line, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. Tell them exactly what you did, don't cover up anything or sugar coat it, just tell them what's going on and do not downplay your symptoms. I think you already know that ignoring the doctor's orders was a VERY bad idea, don't make it worse by ignoring your body when it's telling you that something is wrong. This is your health, hon, you don't want to mess around. You get one life, one body. Take care of it and, for God's sake, do what the doctors tell you to do from now on! Good luck, and please be more careful with yourself in the future.


You caused yourself more internal trauma by having sex too soon. I'm not going to judge you for having an abortion because it was your choice. All I'm asking is that you go back to the doctor, refrain from sex for another 3 weeks and use some form of birth control in the future.


The doctors didn't give you that advice for nothing - it was for your own health! You've exercised and had sex WAY too early for your body to cope, and you've clearly done some damage. What's happening to you? You're messing up your body, that's what! I suggest going to the doctors immediately if you're still having cramps and blood clots. In the mean time get yourself to bed and stop putting strain on your body whilst it's still healing! You don't want to do permanent damage, do you?


well first of if you just got an abortion why are you having unprotected sex? and if they told you to wait for at LEAST 2 weeks why do you go and do it 4 days after wards? god im sorry but you dont sound to bright hahahahahahahahahahhha


Well considering they said wait 2wks and you waited 4 days should tell you something, because either you're stupid or just can't do simple counting and math. Second, if you're having unprotected sex then you're asking for a baby. stop killing and destroying lives you selfish witch. that's a baby not barbie. Stop using abortion as birth control and take responsibility for your actions.


You are developing something called horny. I suggest you should take a dump on your doctor right now to cure it.


are you stupid you completely ignored the doctor



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