Self induced miscarriage VS abortion?

Self induced miscarriage VS abortion?

Self induced miscarriage VS abortion?


They are the same thing. A self-induced miscarriage is an induced abortion. It's also very dangerous to attempt and could result in not only a dead fetus, but a dead woman as well. Abortions are legal so women don't have to do that anymore. If a woman doesn't wish to remain pregnant, she needs to obtain a safe and legal abortion. I don't get how a woman will say "I'm against abortions, so how do I induce a miscarriage?" and not think she's having an abortion that way....


The difference is that a self-induced miscarriage means the girl is lucky. It is pretty difficult to get rid of a fetus without risk of serious harm or death to the mother. That's why there are abortion clinics. No, there's no great difference. Most miscarriage inducements are old wives' tales. When my parents were young, the joke was that heavy exercise bicycling could induce a miscarriage, and when a young lady got too enthusiastic about cycling she was trying to get rid of a problem. (IIRC, there is a line about this in John Wyndham's "The Midwich Cuckoos"). I suppose the rationale is that you just did something sort of normal, and if the fetus couldn't take it and died it was the fetus' fault not yours. With an abortion, you go and ask the doctor to deliberately do it.


What a horrible thought. I'm pregnant and the thought of a miscarriage is scary enough. I can't imagine a woman wanting to induce a miscarriage on purpose! I agree, I believe they are both the same thing. You make the choice to end a life that has not had the chance to live. I am definitely against both these options.


My goodness - both horrible but I think self induced miscarriage is far worse, you don't know what kinds of strain or danger you're putting your body through, at least the other way it's in a proper place with medical attention. But in answer to your question it's exactly the same thing, loss of a life.


I think it's just the word. If they tell someone or think to themselves that they had an abortion, it seems far worse. If they say or think miscarriage they get sympathy from people and feel less bad about it. Either way it's BS and anyone who does it is a selfish coward.


Self induced miscarriage is Way worst than an abortion With an abortion you are going to the doctors hopefully you had time to think about it it Self induced miscarriage is just a fancy way of saying killing your unborn child illegally its wrong and just like I told that girl it makes me sick


I think it is actually worse than an abortion. These people have no idea how to "force" a miscarriage, so God only knows what they are putting themselves as well as the baby through. At least an abortion is done by a qualified doctor.


I agree they are the same, however if you have lost a baby because you didn't want it your more likley to be labbelled if you use the word abortion rather then self induced miscarrage, which covers it in science


Yes they are indeed the same thing. But a woman feels less guilty because it FEELS natural, rather than have your legs spread on a gourney with a doctor poking around in your insides. Its all the same but some woman bury themselves in denial that God did it rather than themselves...sad



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