Republicans- Why be against abortion when most people on food stamps are children?

Republicans- Why be against abortion when most people on food stamps are children?

Republicans- Why be against abortion when most people on food stamps are children?


Wow, I did not know that liberals had such a cold heart towards innocent children. The pro life and pro choice camps are fighting for totally different things. Protection of life is not the same thing as freedom to choose. All people want freedom to choose and it is hard for me to believe that some people want others to die. I heard a question asked once. It went something like this: "don't you trust women to make the right choice?" I wish that we could trust all women to make the right choice. However, there are 3700 abortions per day in the US. When enough people cannot make the right choice, there needs to be laws set in place to protect the victims. Lower moral standards means more laws. This is not a small issue. Taking innocent life without a cause is murder.


Sweat Both you and the Romneys are very much mistaken : overturning Roe doesn't end legal elective abortions in America : in fact just the opposite will happen - overturning Roe will guarantee that there will always be states in America where women can get safe and legal elective abortions Edit @ Peter How can you possibly call us cold-hearted when your side is notorious for denying that they have any future financial or moral obligations to the life that your noble albeit horribly misguided efforts just saved from certain mortal extinction


I've found this very ironic myself. Those angriest over welfare "queens" equally want them to have more children. On the plus side, even if Roe vs Wade is done with, it's still a state matter. Blue states won't stand for it- women's rights reign supreme in democratic states. Pretty much if it does shoot up, we'll pay for it and you can place your bets die hard "pro life" are likley the people angriest paying for other people's kids neglecting, hey that's what you wanted. Gotta love it.


Why is so hard to ask people to be responsible for themselves? Your rant only highlights your low expectations for humans. I would rather live in a society where individuals are responsible for their actions and if not suffer the consequences.


So the options are to either kill people before they are born, or support them all their lives? What is wrong with encouraging them to be responsible, use birth control, and support themselves?


I didn't know that children could get food stamps. If the kids get food stamps can their parents also get food stamps?


Sure, they made it all illegal like Reagan, huh? Oh, wait, he didn't. That was the same thing they said about him 30 years ago. Exterminating a generation of taxpayers and consumers has played a good part in killing our economy.


The people having sex and making said babies will have to take responsibility for their own actions. I know it's a foreign concept to liberals, but you'll get used to it.


Buy a condom and take the time to apply it prior to having sex. That should do it.



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