Republican or democrat?

Republican or democrat?

Republican or democrat?


I am a Republican and anti-abortion, but it looks like even the Republican canidates are pro-abortion. I am really worried because this is a main issue for me that I don't approve of.




I am personaly none of the above.. I am a libertarian. But I am gonna vote republican this year because RON PAUL is running.. and I agree with EVERYTHING he supports... *He supports the constitution =p PS. HE IS THE ONLY CANIDATE WHO IS ANTI WAR. not even the democrats have an anti-war canidate with obama and killery wanting to bomb iran now.


Libertarian. I think abortion is a valid exercise of the mother's parental &, privacy rights (among others).


Discouraged Democrat. We should have simply not penned any bill to fund the military until there were timelines in it. To date, the President still has basically no constraints, and that ain't right. Its time to take the toy away from the baby.




Republican and proud.


Bush never touhed the Abortion issue while in the white house, so why does it matter?


libertarian republican, abortion may be wrong ,but i wont tell some one else how to govern there own body



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