Reducing the abortion limit or treating premmie babies earlier?

Reducing the abortion limit or treating premmie babies earlier?

Reducing the abortion limit or treating premmie babies earlier?


I think it's fairly simple, the doctors should be made to score the "viability" of the pre-24 weeks baby, and from there decide, along with the parents, whether or not to provide or continue treatment. At the moment, the only deciding factor is the exact number of weeks. Each baby needs to be assessed individually. Some born before 24 weeks have no chance, some do.


I was asked to sign a similar one too. I signed it and passed it on to friends to sign it too. Parents of babies born alive on the very edge of viability should be given the choice as to whether they want their babies to be treated or not. If they don't then that's fine. But I cannot imagine the grief and anger I would feel if my baby was born alive at 23 weeks and was just left to die because doctors are not obligated to do anything to save him. At least if the child dies after being given treatment then the parents know that all was done that could be done and it just wasn't meant to be. I certainly don't think it cruel to treat them if that is what the parents want. It's their child and they should not have the decision of whether their baby lives of dies made by a doctor who has no emotional connection to that child. It should be the parents choice whether they want to accept treatment or not. EDIT: This is a very interesting topic and has been brought to the front of the news recently by various TV shows etc... I hope the government takes notice.


i would sign it in a heartbeat ,i think they should reduce the abortion limit to 20 weeks because babies born after 20 weeks can survive this is why they wont help babies born before 24 weeks because they can still be aborted at this age which personally i find disgusting that they wont help them in any way there was a young woman on this morning earlyer in the week and her baby was born a 22 +6 weeks and they wouldnt help him he was even breathing at birth he was alive and they refused to help unless he made it 24 hours, that poor mother. i would have been going mad with the doctors had that been me. every baby should have the chance to live if this happens even if it means wires tubes incubators whatever to keep them alive till they are strong enough. it may be uncomfortable but they wont remember it and then at least you know that child was given a chance instead of just leaving them to die. its a doctors job is it not to save peoples lives and they arent doing it for the most precious of lives these babys.then at least if the baby doesnt make it every one knows the best was done to help. but yes in the end it is still the parents choice wether they want help for the baby sometimes they arent developed enough and are blind and deaf and may have no quality of life but some babys can be like this at full term does that mean we should leave those babys to die as well?? i could go on but i think you already know your answer


i would sign it and so would all my family you say it is cruel to make a baby live well i am glad my family was then i was born very early and though yes i cannot walk like everyone else i have some mobility trouble i am happy i am alive i am also happily married and trying for a baby of my own if there is an online link to this petition can someone send it to me you can email me through clicking on my name or send me an YIM message



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