Questions about abortion, pregnant friend!?

Questions about abortion, pregnant friend!?

Questions about abortion, pregnant friend!?


I know that abortion seems like it can sometimes be a way out of a situation that you don't want to be in, but it's not. I think if she had an abortion she would think of how horrible it was every day of her life and just to inform her, after you have an abortion, you are less likely to concieve a child when you actully want to. When I was a senior in high school (I had a wild streak) and I got drunk and slept with a guy in my senior class....low & behold I got pregnant...and I didn't tell anyone for about 3 months...then I told 2 of my friends...and until I was 7 months pregnant, only those 2 friends knew about it...I know that sounds really bad, but I had no clue what to do. I looked at it as ruining my life...but really it changed my whole life! I only gained 13-14 pounds during the pregnancy, that's why it was so easy to conceal, but now my little girl is almost 4 years old and it is the best decision ever to keep her. She is the most precisious gift in the world and not a day goes by that I don't consider myself lucky to have her. When I was 7 months pregnant I met an awesome guy, he knew I was pregnant and knew the whole situation, he liked me for me and 4 years later we are still together and he treats my daughter like her own. So if your friend is going to terminate her pregnancy just to get with the next guy in line...tell her to grow up and take soem responsibility. If the guy doesn't want to be with her because she is pregnant than it isn't ment to be. The baby is helpless, you need to help the baby!


Okay first off having an abortion is her choice but she should be making it for the right reasons. If she and her former bf were already considering having a child then maybe they should talk about this and go over why they broke up in the first place. As someone who regretfully has had an abortion and thinks about that baby everyday I would say think good and hard about it and DON'T let some guy be the reason you have one, he might not always be there but the regret and guilt will. If she does go through with it as a friend be there for her.


If she wants to have an abortion, she should have a *real* abortion overseen by medical professionals--not drink some herbal tea which may not do anything but make her sick. It's a decision that only she can make, but she should be well-informed going into it. If you ask me, "to keep a new guy she's known for a week" is not a legitimate reason to abort a fetus. Sounds like you are much more mature and rational than your friend. :)


Her not using contraceptives is her fault in the first place. If she didn't want the possibility of troubles with this new guy then she never should've have slept with her ex at all. She has no idea what kind of hurt she will put herself through if she does get an abortion. It will haunt her for life. That baby may not have any say in this, but its not the babies fault for being conceived, its her and her exes selfishness.


Your friend is being incredibly selfish, ending her babies life because she's unhappy with her own romantic decisions is just wrong, besides , losing a child is very hard on the mind and the body, if she chooses to try and abort the pregnancy there is always a chance that she could become sterile, and never have a choice to be a mother again.


I am not sure if talking to her will help, but if she didn't use contraception on purpose, then she needs to take responsibility for what she's done. It's no the baby's fault she was being irresponsible. I think you are a good friend for caring about her baby, even if she doesn't. Maybe you will be able to talk some sense into her. Good luck.


how does herbal tea do anything? how old is she? and if she didnt care about getting pregnant why would she get an abortion id would usually say get a abortion for the best but maybe she can put it up for adoption


I'm pro-choice, but having an abortion when you didn't mind getting pregnant and weren't using any type of protection is just stupid. It's also stupid to end a pregnancy simply because you aren't with the father anymore. She's horribly selfish, and in my opinion, doesn't deserve the privilege of being pregnant.


your friend is irresponsible and stupid, she wanted to get pregnant so she has to go through with it, if she tries to abort herself she could wind up killing herself. she should have the baby and put it up for adoption, if she is going to go through with an abortion then she needs to get it done by a doctor, and her tubes tied while she is at it because she dose not deserve to EVER be a mother. If i was her friends i would tell her what im tellin you now and if she still doesn't listen then i would find new friends



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