Question on Abortion debate? against it?

Question on Abortion debate? against it?

Question on Abortion debate? against it?


In a school debate, you basically must pretend you believe the side you are arguing for, even if you're not. It might help to stop referring to pro choice people as pro abortion. They are not. Many of them have never had nor would ever have an abortion. They simply believe that it is a woman's decision. So, you must pretend that you believe that once a woman conceives, she is no longer her own person but subject to the laws of males who have never and will never experience what she is going through. You must ignore history and the millenia throughout which abortions have taken place all through the world and with many different methods. You must assume that your beliefs on when life begins are above all other opinions and that it is right for you to force those beliefs on others. You must also pretend that making a law will stop abortion from happening. Think about how well the War on Drugs has worked. Just go to one of the anti-choice sites and read their stuff and you'll get a good idea what you have to say.


Not necessarily reflecting my views but to argue against use these: Rape - tough one, skirt around it by saying rape cases are a very small minority. Life begins at conception - Begin the other way and argue whether abortion should be legal just after birth. Then just before giving birth. Then how about a day before? Then make the blanket argument and just say anything after conception is off bounds. Foster care doen't guarantee - Death guarantees child will be dead. Women face guilt - Women also face guilt when aborting. Good luck!


The "guilt" issue is hollow, a mother with a heart is going to feel guilty either way, but I challenge anyone to say that she would feel less guilty having a baby killed. Rape is a tough call, but I think it is one area even most conservatives would be willing to back off from it abortions for convenience sake were taken off of the table. The other side of the rape issue is, that while a baby can be aborted in cases of rape, rape is not a death sentence penalty. The only one who gets the death sentence is the baby.


It's true that the number of abortions wouldn't go down if outlawed. It's just as true that, in malpractice suits involving birth defects, the fetus is never referred to as "fetus" but, rather, unborn child. There's no question that the fetus is alive as spontaneous generation has long since been disproved. Nor is it a bird or a fish as the DNA is clearly human. .


Outlawing abortion will not reduce it. To think it will is to be naive and unaware of history. I remember how things were before Roe v Wade, with young girls seeking only each others counsel- drinking enough poison to be lucky to live through it (some didn’t)- using coat hangers (some did irreparable harm and some bled to death)- and using back alley butchers (many died, more were permanently sterilized). I heard it all from my teenage friends. Had you been there, you would never, ever want to return to those horrible times. Those abortions were never counted in any statistics. Today it is far better because women can get not only quality medical care, but quality counseling, which may lead to the woman carrying to full term (I received such counseling myself from Planned Parenthood and decided to carry to full term).. So THAT is what we can control with the law and it's ALL we can control with the law. The question then is do you want your daughter to have quality medical care and counseling, or leave her to improvise at the risk of her own life, counseled only by other teen girls? If you want to reduce abortion, teach teens about birth control in school. Make it widely available to everyone who wants or needs it. Work to combat poverty. Many abortions are the choice of women who already have a couple of kids and simply can't afford to feed another, or to take time off work because they need to support the kids they have. They have an abortion for the sake of their born children. Think about that next time you think about the importance of quality education, minimum wage, fair pay for women, unions that protect workers, and all the other things that lay the foundation for a quality life. ##


here is my case against abortion, we live in an age when we have 1 the pill, 2 condoms 3 foams 4 shots 5 pulling out 6 anything ive left out anyone thats too IGNORANT to use one or two of them is a DUMBASS and i dont feel one bit sorry for them




Abortion debate. How original.


There is no abortion debate it has been settled law for many years.



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