Question about the abortion pill?

Question about the abortion pill?

Question about the abortion pill?


I assume the birth defects would be something along the lines of nervous system damage. To be honest with you, I highly doubt that a woman that took the pill for an abortion would carry the fetus to term even if it failed. She would probably get a surgical abortion. If she didn't want the kid in the first place, she wouldn't keep it especially if it has serious birth defects or mental diseases.


These are the methods of abortion from the first to third trimester and these are some of the potential consequences , not to mention this: Yes, these pills can and do fail. And yes, children do survive abortions more often than you would think, and they are either left to die or go on to live. (In fact, there is a woman who travels the world speaking about her experience, and I have personally listened to her speak. Her name is Gianna Jessen. Her mother aborted her when she was 30 weeks pregnant with her--an "instillation" or "saline" abortion--and was supposed to have delivered a dead child, but Gianna was born alive. She survived, though with cerebral palsy. She is a remarkable woman with a wonderful story to share.) And some women do, in fact, keep the children they first tried to abort. They have a change of heart.


if it doesn't work, they give you a surgical abortion





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