Question about freakonomics regarding abortion and the crime rate?

Question about freakonomics regarding abortion and the crime rate?

Question about freakonomics regarding abortion and the crime rate?


When governments criminalize abortion and many women do it anyway. Then obviously this increases the crime rate, at least according to the government's definition of it. But this relationship has more to do with religion and politics than the economy. P.S. Just because some book says something doesn't mean it's true. You have to look at the author's reasoning. And if the reasoning is bad, or there is no reasoning. Then perhaps you shouldn't believe this author. People are free to say anything they want. But just because they say something doesn't mean it's true.


The statistical methods to arrive at this conclusion have been shown to be flawed and the authors have more or less retracted their conclusions. The most important thing to learn is that one study is not sufficient evidence to accept something as true.



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