Punk bands you could recommend?

Punk bands you could recommend?

Punk bands you could recommend?


Squad Five O The Deadlines Ghoti Hook MXPX Officer Negative One Bad Pig Jesse and the Rockers Ace Troubleshooter Last Tuesday Side Walk Slam Sounds Like Chicken Five Iron Frenzy The W’s OC Supertones The Almost Flatfoot 56 Slick Shoes FM Static The Dingees Relient K Beanbag Philmore Strongarm Ninety Pound Wuss Roper Brave Saint Saturn The Wedding Eleventyseven


Choking Victim Crass Leftover Crack Angry Samoans Grimple Amebix Rudimentary Peni MDC Subhumans Teen Idols TSOL Municipal Waste Magrudergrind


I like Punk I like Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, 7 Seconds, Sex Pistols and The Clash


Here is a list of great post-punk bands: Bauhaus, Joy Division, the Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Pink Turns Blue, the Cramps, & 120 Days.


The Descendents Rudimentary Peni Black Flag Necros Bad Brains Husker Du D.R.I. J.F.A. FEAR G.B.H. Suicidal Tendencies Jerry's Kids Gang Green The Zeros The Zero Boys


Fear The Urinals Adolescents Bad Brains Saccharine Trust Big Boys Fugazi


J.F.A. Black Flag The Misfits Circle Jerks Turbonegro The Adverts Social Distortion Pixies


I don't know if this would really fall into that category, but look up the Creeping Cruds.


Reagan Youth Early against me! Defiance,Ohio (they give away there music on their website) Sick of it all (more hardcore, but punk nonetheless)



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