Punishment for abortion?

Punishment for abortion?

Punishment for abortion?


The Federal Government, through the Supreme Court, has established precedents for abortion. State governments have, through circumventing Federal legislation, established their own laws dealing with abortion. Abortion is a personal decision. Only the person who has gone through an abortion can speak for or against. As a woman who had two "spontaneous" abortions before delivering a perfect little girl, I can tell you, the experience was not pleasant. Purposefully "aborting" a child is not a decision a woman "lightly" chooses. Personally, I don't think there should be any punishment for an abortion.


Abortion is murdering, and murdering an innocent being none the less. If abortion were illegal and a woman got one she should get a huge fine and like 2 years jail time, along with alot of community service. I think that it should not be illegal, but only for when it is a medical emergency and it is a matter of the baby dying or the mother dying, then SHE has the right to choose. My mom had this hereditary disease that made her get really high blood pressure, and poisoned her blood and things like that, she told my dad right before she went under for her c- section( 2 months early) that if the baby died and she lived she would never forgive herself. As for teen pregnancy, I have to go with what my grandpa said to my mom "Do you know what the best birth control is....... an Asprin...... put it between your knees and don't let it drop!!!" They got themselves pregnant they need to live with their decisions!


This question should never be asked because it involves too much personal feeling. Besides, the most ardent and vociferous of anti-abortionists are quite willing to accept an abortion for themselves or their family as being right, and then go right back to fighting to keep others from having one. For a point of view that is a vast contradiction, read the article "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" at this link. http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/anti-ta...


I honestly don't think there should be punishment. I think that doctors should not let women use abortion as a method of birth control. If abortion were to become illegal the legal definition of murder would have to be changed, so then those who murder pregnant women would also be murdering the fetus inside her...


It's a baby, not just tissue you are killing. Just because it's not breathing doesn't mean it's OK to kill it. There are very few that are cused by rape or incest, and few that the health of the mother is a question. Most of the 1.4 million eah year are women just not smart enough not to get pregnent. Many are repeat abortionist. Unfortunately many women do take this decision lightly. Many babies aborted do have the ability to be viable outside the womb. That doesn't stop them from being aborted.


Abortion (especially in the first trimester) should stay legal, and so there should be no punishment. Very few women who have had an abortion were unaffected by that choice, even when it was the right choice for them. It's a painful procedure with psychological ramifications which, I believe, are punishment enough.


It is not illegal, and they would go after those who performed it! I believe in a woman's right of choice. I am not her, I don't have to walk in her shoes, and I am not the one who is going to have my life ruined because of an unwanted child. People might want her not to have access to an abortion, but then like Pontious Pilot, they wash their hands and call them every name in the book for having to get assistance! Didn't they just find 2 kids in garbage bags, and another 6 in someones home? What if??????


I think she should move to another state or country. I am Pro-Life AND Pro-Choice. Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion. No woman should have her body mandated by some bunch of jerkweed politicians. Period. They can't even manage themselves. I am a firm believer in adoption b/c there are many people who would love to have children and cannot, like me. An abortion is an atrocious waste of life, but should be the woman's choice.


Probation. NOTHING'S going to stop a woman from getting an Abortion if she really wants one. It never has. -And sending them to jail- is only going to teach them how to be Criminals.



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