Pro-life advocacy groups?

Pro-life advocacy groups?

Pro-life advocacy groups?



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Isn't it bearing false witness to put a picture of a third trimester fetus on an anti-abortion poster?
Of course lying for Jesus is still lying, though its nice to see that they have enough intelligence to know that if they put a 1st or 2nd trimester fetus on a poster nobody would even know what it is and couldn't care less (since it would look like a dead mudskipper essentially). Just trying...

Why did Liberals change the name of their stance on abortion from Pro-Abortion to Pro-Choice?
I don't think the term "pro-abortion" was ever used. Abortion has always been made out to be a matter of personal choice, cloaked in the constitutional "right to privacy." Sadly this does not make much sense. Before everyone starts mudding up the issue over rights, take a step back and agree...

Why should abortion be legal?
because keeping abortion legal means keeping women safe. women deserve the choice to have or not have a child. plain and simple. making abortion illegal would not stop abortion, it would only stop safeness that keeping this medical procedure legal allows. every woman deserves a choice. here...

Is there a cheap abortion pill?
say to her these things:at least give the baby up for adoption cause adoption(so life)is better than abortion....then there's also open adoption so you can follow your baby growing up :) say to her you love her and the baby(don't you) and will help with the baby :-) so please the most important...

Why do some Republicans accuse liberals of being mass murderers?
That's the way Republicans do things - they have no facts to go on, so they like to do this to cause fear in their sheep. Oh, and to add one more thing to your statement - Klebold was homeschooled, and Harris was originally from a very Republican town in upstate NY.