Pro-life advocacy groups?

Pro-life advocacy groups?

Pro-life advocacy groups?



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Utilitarianism and abortion?
Well if we are going to consider abortion through the standpoint of the greatest good for the greatest number of people, then there are many reason abortion would be acceptable. Here is one example: There is a man and woman who just recently got married and had their first child. They are...

Should the European court of human rights be allowed to make a decision to legalise abortion in Eire?
When my daughter was born in the late 70's I was very much against abortions but as I got older I realised that it is up to the individual person to choose what they want to do, it is their body and if the girls in Eire are going to have the abortion in any case why not allow them to have it...

How sick is this pro-abortion ad?
As Hillary Clinton would normalize it, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Violence and control are virtues when wielded by liberals.

Can my dad make me take the abortion pill?
Legally, he cannot make you. No doctor will make you have an abortion, if you don't want to. Your 18 years old. Legally your an adult. Your capable of making your own decisions. It's your life, and your childs life. A child will not ruin your life. If you work hard, and make good decisions...