Poem about abortion i wrote?

Poem about abortion i wrote?

Poem about abortion i wrote?


You have your opinions, and I agree with you. so many do. If you were going for more af a free verse feel, then it works. But I would capitalize the beginnings of the lines first... but I figure you knew that... Unless you were going for a new age feel too. Try to do a rhyme scheme like ABAB CDCD or ABAB CBCB... or something of that nature. (A is using one rhyme, B is a second Rhyme, C is the third and so on, like for A Kills, ills, bills, sills and B motion, potion... I think you'll get the idea.) Using a rhyme scheme might help it flow better.


Well, I'm not going to change your mind as I see that being anti-abortion is a core value of for you. However, could you possibly consider that those of us who don't think this way understand even though we don't agree? I was pro-life for a long time until I received additional information! Now I must be pro-death or anti-life. The poem doesn't flow very well. Sorry.


Love it im 100% here on your side :)



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