Please tell me the negative effects of abortion?

Please tell me the negative effects of abortion?

Please tell me the negative effects of abortion?


You may have problems getting pregnant again. Ask your doctor. And you may not think about emotional trauma now, but you don't know how you will feel after. I've never had an abortion but 2 of my closest friends had. They were both not married and too young to have a baby, but they both went through a terrible time after the abortion. You will always remember this baby, how would he/she look like, etc. I have 2 children both arrived earlier than we planned. We went through lots of stress because of the timing, house, mortgage, work, no money, etc. Life is never easy. There's not really a choice as "planning" a baby, you don't know if 3 years later you will be able to get pregnant or not. I'm not sure you will regret the abortion or not, but I'm million % sure you will never regret keeping your baby.


well, for you they're probably not as bad as for the fetus. i'm an Machiavellian atheist who views humans like cattle... but the selfishness of this decision trumps anything i've ever done. there is a primary negative effect you should be concerned with, since you want children later. that is, the abortion procedure causes scaring that can reduce the chances of a successful pregnancy in the future. my sister had an abortion the first time she had gotten pregnant as a teen, and she had 3 miscarriages when she tried to have kids while married. if i could offer advice, a baby's existence should not be predicated on whether it is wanted or not. it may seem like you're doing the best thing for your child, preventing it from entering into a life where it isn't particularly wanted, but the best kind of love, i think, is unconditional. that is, loving someone when you don't necessarily have to. sure my parents 'loved me', but i was, as you could say, "born on their watch," i and i felt that. their love was conditional, i had to be born under certain circumstances, or in a certain time frame. my neighbors, however, are the ones i love the most in my life for they have loved me when they didn't have to - an unconditional love that i still appreciate to this day. i hope you make the best decision for everybody in this situation, including those without a voice.


I was going to have one but I canceled it once day before I was going to go. Believe it or not there is a very high chance that you can never have kids again, it doesn't happen to all but it does happen, are you prepared to live with that? Go to a clinic and find out exactly what they are going to do to your body in order to have this abortion, there are 2 options and both are very painful. So if you are willing to go through the pain of losing your first child and not gaining anything out of it well then I must say where do you find the heart for that. I am not married and I am for the most part going to have to raise my baby alone because the father lives far away and certain circumstances I can't go over there.


so your saying you do plan to have children... just not now. right? so pretty much you are making a long term solution to a temporary problem. i guess this is a feeling that you wouldn't understand till you have children... but when i was pregnant with my first daughter i was 15 years old. everyone tried to persuade me into having an abortion. well in the end i did not go through with it. now everyday i look at her i am so glad i did not make that decision! sure if i would have aborted her i would have never grown that attachment to her... but just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. you could always have more children... but you can never again have THAT child. when you eventually do have children you will always wonder "what would my baby have been like?" i don't know about you... but personally that would kill me. i would not be able to live like that. so what are the negative effects... you will always wonder "what if" maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... but eventually you will. and what is your reason for this abortion? obviously you are in a steady relationship. and any financial issues are only temporary. financial issues can be easily worked out with temporary government assistance. that's what its there for, to help needy families out. so it sounds to me like this is for very selfish reasons. let me add this for the very ignorant uneducated people on here. she said she is 6 weeks pregnant. the babys heart starts to beat at 5 weeks. so yes, this baby is now living and has a heart. please educate yourself.


Well besides the emotional guilt there is also the risk of not being able to conceive again. You will be asked to sign a consent form that releases the clinic from ever being held liable if you experience reproductive difficulty in the future. Another risks that come with abortion is risk of infection, bad cramping, and complication related with anesthesia. Best of luck


Why are you worried about the negative effects if you're planning to kill an innocent child? If you're not ready for a child yet then learn how to used protection. Abortion is not a form of birth control. Aborting an innocent baby for your stupid mistake is wrong.


It is the senseless taking of a life. A very selfish decision if you didn't want a baby you should have been using birth control. Abortion is not birth control. There are lots of people out there who would love to have a baby and cant yet you want to kill yours just because you don't want one yet very selfish. If you do this you will regret it eventually if you don't ruin your ability to have another child by having complications from an abortion and yes it can cause infertility then just imagine looking at your next baby and realizing you had another just like this one who's life you wasted because of your poor decision making. Please please please people stop killing babies and get on birth control its not that hard!


even if it is a well thought out decision, you will regret it later. you could choose adoption, knowing that you let the baby live might help that emotional stress you will undoubtedly go through after an abortion. a lot of people thought their decision was well thought out but then they went on and after felt incredibly guilty, even years later. not to mention the medical problems it could cause. if the abortion is not done right, it could prevent you from getting pregnant again later. infection could occur and is not uncommon, and other things.


wow, people are very controversial on here but don't seem to be answering your question... the possible negative effects are: bladder/bowel injury breast cancer possible ectopic pregnancies in the future there are a lot of possible complications with future pregnancies and even things that could effect your future baby, given that the pregnancy goes well, which is absolutely possible hemorrhage infection laceration of cervix sterility(about 1/20- 1/50 chance) good luck with whatever you decide!



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