Ovulation after an Abortion?

Ovulation after an Abortion?

Ovulation after an Abortion?


You can't get pregnant while you are pregnant. You are already pregnant. But abortion is not a method of birth control and if she is so concerned about not getting pregnant that she is killing the child inside her, then perhaps she shouldn't be having sex at all.


no its not when they got an abortion their uterus is completely emptied and impossible for them to get pregnant although my sister did miscarry and was pregnant within days afterwards, but she was trying again straight away, just use protection next time yeah?


It is physically impossible to get pregnant while you are already pregnant.


it shouldnt be a problem. if your gettin an abortion you cant tell me you were seriousy stupid enough to have unprotected sex AGAIN


You can not get pregnant while you are pregnant


i dont think so?



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