Opinions about Abortion?

Opinions about Abortion?

Opinions about Abortion?


I am very much against abortion. Heck I was born out of wedlock and my parents don't even speak. What would have happened if my mom had chosen to abort. I wouldn't be here. I don't see how anyone could want to kill a life. Others would argue that it isn't a life simply a fetus. My reply is that it is there and it has a purpose and if you kill it you are messing things up. However I do believe those who have been raped should have the ability to choose and not be prosecuted or scorned for their choice. While yes there is always adoption thats still a nine moth reminder of something they would rather forget. For some that could seriously put back there recovery. Not just physicaly but mentally too. So it's my belief that while killing someone is wrong(even if it is a fetus) I still believe it is the mother's choice. It it their body and their lifes. They should get to decide without the fear of prosecution or being scorned.


I am against abortion and for it NOT being against the law. All a law against it will do is put the woman in a unsafe situation . There have been abortions before there were doctors. Self induced or done by some one else. There are people who would like very much be parents to those babies. I am not that religious but I believe in goodness and kindness and terminating a life not yet born is neither of those. A reason for abortion is for the health of the woman . More education ,more morality and free birth control would reduce abortions. Watch the National Geographic show " in the womb" This should be shown in school every year ,in every grade.


Abortion is taking the life of an unborn baby. If you call an unborn baby a fetus, that somehow is supposed to make it a medical procedure, rather than an act of killing. The justification for abortion is the dehumanization of the unborn baby. He or she is said to not be a person. This same mentality justified slavery a hundred and fifty years ago, and the murder of Jews a little of sixty years ago. Certainly, there are religious ramifications to abortion, but let's consider the legal perspective. What is the proper function of government? A Frenchman named Bastiat wrote a book called THE LAW in 1849. In it, he states that the proper function of government is the protection of life and property. The reason we have government is to secure our lives and our property. I believe this definition is correct. Government is not there to feed us, to cloth us, to entertain us. it is there to protect our lives from those who would take it, and also, our property. In the Declaration of Independence, we read that "all men are created equal, and endowed by there Creator with certain rights, that among these rights are LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". So, life was considered important to the Founders. Where did the Supreme Court find in the Constitution the idea that a woman has the right to kill he unborn baby? Does that decision square with the intents of the Founders?


ultimatley, regardless of any law it will always be the choice of the woman who is pregnant. not getting pregnant is obvioiusly better that aborting said fetous. . there needs to be more sex education or at least clearly accessable, free and annonymous information available to young people to prevent the instance of accidental pregnacies. once pregnant, the only debate that occurs should be going on inside the girl's head, not between other people - i think that often girls feel quite pressured into thier decision (whichever way they go) by the people around them's opinions. i know a girl who's had an abortion because thats what her family wanted,a girl who has a child because she felt pressured to keep him, Wether the right decision was made isn't know yet - but both know that the decision wasn't thiers and they regret that they didn-t stand up for themselves. girls do need to have choice and information, as opposed to advice and opinions (because 9/10 these are biased).


im pro-choice. i see abortion as a choice, a necessary choice. the pro-life side claims that life is sacred, but in reality it's not about that. it's about controlling women, making them feel ashamed of their bodies, making them believe that consent to sex=consent to pregnancy. it's not only about control and ****-shame, but about punishment.


i am against abortion...i am a mother of a 18month baby girl and to think that i would throw her away repulses me!! God has given us gifts to treasure and why would u want to refuse the gift of life? some people think a child is a problem but yet we are given only as much as we can handle!! I wish people would realize that we have only few surprises in life, and a baby is one of those surprises!!


Well I feel that people should have a choice but I think that you should keep the child unless you have been raped and end up pregnant. I think that everyone has a choice but I think that you should also think about the baby too.


I think ALL knocked-up nappy headed hoes should be given a cash incentive to abort their future criminals.


i belibe in pro choise



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