One of the main reasons women have abortions is financial hardship?

One of the main reasons women have abortions is financial hardship?

One of the main reasons women have abortions is financial hardship?


I work in an ER in a hospital. One of the questions in Triage is, how many pregnancies have you had?Live births, miscarriages, and abortions. Some women come in saying 4, 5, 6 abortions. Financial hardship? Or is the pregnancy just plain inconvenient for their life style?BTW!!!! A clump of cells, does not have a heart beat, for you mentally challenged liberals.


Could be or they don't want a child or another child. I knew this woman who had a promiscuous daughter and the daughter would get pregnant and have an abortion-- she did this 5 times. Then she stopped getting pregnant until she got married and then she had 5 children.


If they have a choice...they need to choose to pay for it. It is not choice to pay for an abortion. I disagree with that financial hardship...most people who are on welfare use child-bearing to get another check. I don't mean to sound ugly...but birth control is free...


No. The argument is that they should have a choice whether or not they wanted to have children...Not that you should choose for them... Abortion is legal, ask Michael Steele.


I see the most crazy excuses these days- people see it as an opportunity, in a way.. take some of the blame off of themselves. pfft.


One of the main reasons women have sex is financial, whether it is cash, a meal, or free drinks,,,, woman are most likely to marry a man who can support them.


When men start giving birth this may be a legitimate debate. Until then it is a woman's choice.


Let's face it, women can't be trusted with their own bodies. Women need to be watched and regulated, much like businesses, and commodities.


no, the main reason is unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. by the way, MLK was from a middle class family.



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