Obama is in favor of late term abortions and voted against the Born Alive act. Does this bother you?

Obama is in favor of late term abortions and voted against the Born Alive act. Does this bother you?

Obama is in favor of late term abortions and voted against the Born Alive act. Does this bother you?


If the Republicans who wrote the bill had been willing to a minimal compromise and inserted an exception or two that reasonable people can understand, like the health of the mother or an anencephalic baby that would die anyway, the bill probably would have passed. That was the issue and I agree with Obama on that. If you really cared about infant mortality, you wouldn't keep voting against people who work to solve the problem of unaffordable healthcare in the US.


As Obama pointed out at Saddleback, his being pro-choice doesn't mean he's pro-abortion. He'd like to see the numbers of abortions come down too. He's not willing to outlaw abortion, even in the case of rape, incest, and threat to a mother's life to do it, as is the GOP platform. (How anyone could weigh the life of the mother as less than the life of a fetus is beyond me.) You're a little off on the Born Alive thing, and the corrections have been posted all over Yahoo Answers, so you really have no excuse for making this mistake. Many on this site are falsely presuming that Obama's voting against certain abortion legislation was because it provided babies the right to protection if they survive a late-term abortion. He correctly has pointed out that the existing law provided such protections already, and voted against the newer legislation due to OTHER constraints it would put on the woman's rights. In reporting on abortion-rights opponents’ criticism of Sen. Barack Obama's opposition as an Illinois state senator to bills seeking to amend the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, the media have promoted numerous myths and falsehoods about Obama and the legislation. In several instances, the media have simply repeated false accusations -- or made the accusations themselves -- that Obama's opposition amounted to support for infanticide. In fact, Obama and other opponents said the bill posed a threat to abortion rights and was unnecessary because, they said, Illinois law already prohibited the conduct supposedly addressed by the bill. On the August 18 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Obama "believes it is proper to kill a baby that has survived an abortion," while right-wing pundit Ann Coulter said that Obama "wants the doctors ... chasing it through the delivery room to make sure it gets killed." Further, author Jerome Corsi claimed that "[e]ven if a child was born, he said the woman still had the right to kill the child in an abortion," and Oregonian associate editor David Reinhard wrote that Obama's opposition was "enabling infanticide." In fact, Obama and other opponents said the bill posed a threat to abortion rights and was unnecessary because, they said, Illinois law already prohibited the conduct supposedly addressed by the bill. It's been said that, if it weren't for lack of context, there would be no news. You have to consider the source. One source of these claims is Jerome Corsi, who has also written that McCain made his wealth through the Mafia and that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Bush Administration. Another source of these claims is Jill Stanek, who says domestic violence is acceptable against women who have abortions. She also supports billboards in Tanzania that say "Faithful Condom Users" in English and Swahili, written next to a large skeleton, to discourage condom use. She claims that "aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies" in China to which she added, "I think this stuff is happening." Nurse Jill Stanek claimed that fetuses that were born alive at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, were abandoned without treatment, including in a soiled utility room. The Illinois Atty. General's office, then under abortion foe Jim Ryan, directed the Illinois Dept. of Public Health to conduct a thorough investigation of the claims, because what she was alleging were violations of existing law, supporting Obama's position that Illinois law already prohibited the conduct. The investigation concluded, "The allegation that infants were allowed to expire in a utility room could not be substantiated (and) all staff interviewed denied that any infant was ever left alone." Shafer was quick to add that neither he nor the IDPH report concluded that her testimony was untruthful or exaggerated to help advance her anti-abortion views -- simply that their investigation did not substantiate the allegations. Don't extremist conservatives think it might hurt their cause to put out stuff that's so easily debunked? or do they not think their audience would feel its intelligence is being insulted?


His stance on this really bothers me and all people who have an ounce of decency about them. How is abortion NOT murder? How in the world can anyone still want to vote for a sicko who voted to with hold medical help to a poor defensless baby just because the first attempt to snuff it's little life out didn't work? How sad. How very very sad.


If the parent(s) of a baby is in jail , aren't mentally & humanitarianly qualified or the baby is a victim of rape or "just sex", then any one even Obama may support abortion !


Alot of late term abortions are performed when women discover they are having a child with deformities that are incompatible with life. Alot of women will have the child at say 33 weeks. Often the child is brought into the world alive, yet there is no point in going throught the medical intervention of trying to keep them alive. They will die eventually. Late term abortions can be performed on women who desperately want their child but the child will not live and their medical condition can effect the mother as well. So shall we prolong the suffering of the child and force them to endure life prolonging procedure? These are not decisions that our goverment should be making for us. These are private matters that should be left to the individual.


personally, i am opposed to it. very. i do think that it is sort of ridiculous to have to do a late term abortion. while i am personally opposed to abortions at any point, i think women should have the option to get them. though i do think they should get it taken care of early, as the older the child gets, the more human it becomes. i'm not very religious, so the whole thing is kind of a grey area for me. in general, though,i would rather obama supported this than wanted to ban abortions altogether, so i guess i'm not quuite as bothered as i am by the more conservative agendas.


I'm pro-choice. I also say if this is true, there's more to the story. What about rape and deform babies? It's not black and white. There's some gray. I think it's a woman choice. >><<


There are lots of things about Obama that bother me. Wright, Resko, Ayres, Michelle


this upsets me big time. i'm pro-choice but there is a big difference between pro-choice and being for late term abortion. anyone that is for this horrible act of murder is sick and has no moral values.



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