Obama and abortion funding reversal?

Obama and abortion funding reversal?

Obama and abortion funding reversal?


Yes. Obama put it back the way it was under Clinton. Forcing the American taxpayers to fund abortion groups over seas. If it was kittens and puppies being aborted, the liberals would be howling and screaming bloody murder.


I think it's about time. These clinics don't just preform abortions, they offer choices to women in third world countries where women have little choice in their sexual health. And I think it's in every ones best interest for the women of third world countries to be educated and given choices for their reproductive health. After all it is a choice, and theirs to make. You seriously think Argentina is a third world country? I am talking about places like Malawi, Haiti (where 70% of people are illiterate), Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are places where basic education is forgone for something called survival for many. I looked up many lists of the third world and frankly Argentina did not come up once. Compared to some of those other places I just listed it's a cake walk for women.



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Abortion verses the Bible?
Nita, the Bible is not meant to be difficult. We (mankind) just like to argue and debate. The Bible gives clear answers to most of life's questions and if you spend time, real time, in the Bible, even the complicated stuff isn't so complicated. Many versus are simply God's way of warning...

Medical Insurance confidentiality on abortion?
I really don't know. I know for MY medical insurance, yes, I'll get summaries or bills of the services rendered adn what they were. I really don't know if abortion would be a different matter. Your best bet is to call your insurance and ask them.

The abortion pill has nothing to do with her inability to conceive. If someone tries to tell you that, direct them to the New England Journal of Medicine. There have been many highly-regarded publications that denounce the significance of an abortion's effect on future ability to conceive....

Rallies at Abortion clinics?
When I went to college in Lynchburg VA (home of Liberty University) there were many religious people harassing women who went into a birth control Planned Parenthood clinic that did not even perform abortions. They took video cameras and reported any female students from Liberty who went there...

How long is the recovery period after taking an abortion pill?
I can't beleive you are asking that how long it will take to kill your child.It hurts me even though I dont even know you.I have no idea girl.